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Hollywood Celebrities With Expensive And Weird Hobbies

You might know them for their talent, style or the roles they play, but you might not realize that Hollywood icons are regular people, too. They enjoy the same things that all of us do. However, with more cash on hand, they are able to splurge ridiculous amounts of money into things that they love. Here are some popular celebrities and their queer hobbies.

Tom Hanks is an Avid Collector of Typewriters

Do you still remember the last time you used a typewriter to actually write something? We live in an era where you can write on almost everything, from laptops to phones. In fact, even some popular books for teens were written on phone. For Tom Hanks, however, he still loves this pretty ancient contraption and still admires it.

When asked about typewriters, he said that he just “ended up having them around because they’re beautiful works of art, and I ended up collecting them from every ridiculous source possible.” He also adds that this hobby of his kicked off when he had some excess cash, but he thinks that it is better to spend money on $50 typewriters than some other things that other fellow celebrities blow their cash on. He is absolutely crazy about typewriters and has even announced that he will be publishing a book about a collection of short stories about them.

“What I do is glamorous and has an awful lot of white-hot attention placed on it. But the actual work requires the same discipline and passion as any job you love doing, be it as a very good pipe fitter or a highly creative artist.”Tom Hanks

Susan Sarandon is Absolutely Crazy About Ping Pong

You might not have seen anyone who is not from China who is absolutely nuts about ping pong other than Susan Sarandon. She is so in love with this sport that she founded a ping pong social club named Spin in New York. Spin has grown to be quite a success amongst ping pong fanatics that membership has spread to San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Toronto and continues to do so.

Spin has also been Sarandon’s venue for giving back as it has been helping underprivileged youth in urban centers. Her social club has been actively giving to charities, donating ping pong tables and offering free ping pong lessons.

Nicolas Cage Loves Comic Books and Knives

You know the award-winning actor for his prolific roles, but you might never have guessed about how crazy he is about comic books. In fact, he derived his screen name from a not so popular comic book character until just recently, Luke Cage. He has also starred in movie versions of “Kick Ass” and “Ghost Rider.” Even with his fame and big pay checks, he still splurges a lot on comics and even owned really rare ones until a thief broke in and stole everything.

Later, however, the actor revealed that he has outgrown his love for comics and shifted to other collections. Currently, he is passionate about his knife collection. He was seen buying a knife worth $2,000 with a mammoth ivory handle.

Mike Tyson Loves Birds

He was nothing near a featherweight during his boxing career and neither was he anything close to being called a chicken. Now that he is retired, Tyson has had more time culturing his softer side, which is his love for pigeon racing. This, however, was not really a retirement plan hobby. Sources reveal that he had been into this activity since he was just eight years old.

He does a lot of pigeon racing in his spare time. He even says that this has a lot of similarities with his experience in the ring. This is because these creatures have to be prepared for anything that could happen to them as they fly.

Rod Stewart is a Big Fan of Model Trains

This British rock icon is so in love with his model train collection that he even books another room just to set them up when he is on tour. When in the comfort of his own home, he builds them in his basement. He also has a permanent setup that sprawls bigger than a whole tennis court. While model trains are really enjoyable, Stewart finds the most excitement in making the models.

It is delightful to see that a lot of our favorite celebrities are children at heart, too. From toys to comic books and to sports, everyone just wants to have some fun. Do you know any other prolific celebrity hobby? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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