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Inside 5 Of The Most Luxurious Airlines Ever

One of the most visible ways that wealthy people enjoy are their trips abroad where they splurge on some of the most expensive amenities. While they reach some of the best and most expensive places, they also get the most luxurious ways of getting there. This is why airlines have evolved to cater to this market. What they are able to offer is nothing short of awesome. Here are some of them.

British Airways

The UK flagship carrier does what it can to make your flight as least stressful and as relaxing as possible. They really do what they can to pamper you. This begins with beds that can be fully reclined and even come with your own tailored set of pajamas. They also offer you skincare products so that you can look fresh at your next stop.

Each seat is very roomy and comes with a lot of storage. It even has power outlets for your electronics. You also get to try their many different champagnes while on the flight. You can also pick when you want to eat your meals and choose from generous portions of lobster or steak.

“The journey, not the arrival, matters.”T.S. Eliot

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has recently unveiled its new QSuite, which is set to provide customers with a business class product that surpasses the first class experience offered by competitors. Telegraph says that the QSuite is a partitioned room that provides each passenger with a private space throughout the flight. However, unlike many others, these are customizable. These suites can be conjoined to make a double bed, which is a first in any airline, as well as a cabin within a cabin.

They also provide an enhanced experience which includes seats that are covered in hand-stitched Italian leather and satin rose gold, pajamas that are designed by The White Company, amenity kits which are designer made and will feature products from prestigious Italian brand Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio.


Emirates offers cabins that are significantly larger than its rivals or sister companies. The flight attendants hand over an amenity kit by Bulgari. Their wide variety of food is also a treat for the passengers. The seats are very comfortable and can shift into a bed when desired with perfect bedding and super comfortable pillows.

The first class bathroom is almost immaculate. The staff is very helpful and devote time and care in assisting the passengers with using the showers and other facilities. It even has a separate liquor area that is decked with many different wines.

All Nippon Airways

The best part about All Nippon Airway’s luxury flights is the dining experience. They have full course meals that are prepared right on the spot and these vary with every flight. Their cuisines feature Japanese and international food, which always come together perfectly with a drink prepared by expert chefs according to your taste.

They offer two different kinds of first class seats. Both offer privacy and a bed that completely reclines. In your own nook, you get your own screen, a cocktail table and a phone with which you can make international calls.

Singapore Airlines

The most luxurious airline suite of all will cost you $5,500 to $23,000. The A380 suites, which flies from Frankfurt to JFK, has been grabbing a lot of attention lately with its exquisite comfort and luxury.

They have normal seats that come with suite facilities. Some have one bed while there are also double beds for couples. The flight has an extensive collection of liquors in its bar, a spa, and great privacy. Those who have tried this are also raving about the food. There are great entertainment options and an internet system that you have to pay for separately.

Most of the things you can find in an expensive hotel can now be enjoyed as well in a luxury airline. Have you been on any of these flights? Share with us your experience in the comments below.

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