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Jeff Bezos Added This STUNNING NYC Apartment to His Real Estate Empire

Although Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spent a great part of his childhood in Texas, it seems like it’s with New York City he’s grown an affinity for. In fact, he loves the Big Apple enough to spend tens of millions of dollars buying various real estate property in the city.

New Addition

Sotheby’s — The business magnate’s new apartment features marble walls and oversized windows

His latest addition to his ever-growing collection is a 3,000-square-foot apartment at the 212 Fifth Avenue condominium. Bezos’ new $16 million property is notably close to two previous condos he bought in the same 1912 neo-Gothic building.

The pair of residences is reportedly worth around $80 million. He’s also nabbed a penthouse there.

The new acquisition is reportedly just a floor below the rest of his holdings. It features three bedrooms as well as three and a half bathrooms.

Bezos made the purchase through a Delaware-registered limited liability. The apartment he bought was previously sold for $11.25 million in 2018.

His critics might have a lot to say considering the timing of the Amazon CEO’s acquisition. However, it seems like he is one of the few who can afford to make such a buy as his fortune grew $24 billion despite the economic downturn that the coronavirus pandemic caused.

The growth of the e-commerce giant is attributed to the sudden spike in online shopping as people are unable to leave their houses for a long period of time. Bezos’ current net worth is estimated to be $138.5 billion securing his spot as the richest man on the planet.

City Realty — A look at the 212 Fifth Avenue condominium building, which overlooks Madison Square Park

Based on filings made for business permits looking to combine the units, it looks like Bezos is working on creating a massive home from his four apartments.

Combined, his holdings add up to a whopping 20,000-square-foot residence atop the former manufacturing building.

Big Apple Interests

Frederic Legrand – COMEO / Shutterstock — The city would still be enjoying the benefit of the thousands of job positions from Amazon

His interest in setting down roots and building assets in New York City is reminiscent of his past plans to expand Amazon in the Big Apple. Bezos notably ended up canceling what would’ve been his company’s HQ2 a year ago after it was met with protests from the public.

According to reports, the people didn’t like how Amazon would be enjoying tax incentives had its plans pushed through in Long Island. They were wary of the potential gentrification HQ2 would have caused in the borough. The other half of HQ2 is being slated to be built in Arlington, Virginia.

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