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Madonna and Lady Gaga Finally Make Peace During the Oscars After-Party

We know celebrities have their fall-outs at times since they’re part of an industry filled with rumors and drama.  Sometimes, we see two former best friends reconcile after feuding in public for years, after fans plead with them to make peace and let go of the bitter memories from the past. Madonna and Lady Gaga have been at odds with each other for many years, but this year at Oscars, they gave their fans the best gift ever by putting aside their differences and becoming friends once again.

Their feud started in 2011 when Gaga released her chart-topping album, Born This Way. Not long after, Madonna came out with her own song that threw shade at Gaga. She belittled Gaga and said that she had no talent. It has been over eight years since the ladies clashed with each other.

This year, Madonna is offering a peace offering to Gaga with an exclusive VIP post-Oscar invites.  Some sources revealed that Madonna only makes peace when it favors her. Maybe, it is time for the ladies to come together and forget about their feud.

Madonna’s new music coming out soon may find its footing if Gaga endorses it. Who knows, the frenemies might make music together in the future. If Gaga accepts Madonna’s offer, the two ladies could create some major waves in the music industry together.

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