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Move Over Selena Gomez! Ariana Grande Becomes the Most Followed Woman on Social Media

For many years now, Selena Gomez has been clinching the title of most followed celebrity on Instagram, but not anymore. Singer Ariana Grande is on a roll of breaking records this year. Her song Thank U Next was the most viewed video on Youtube within the 24 hours of its release. Not too long after, she broke The Beatles’ record of claiming the top three spots on the billboard with her new songs. And now, she has ended Selena Gomez’s reign as the most followed public figure on the social media platform, Instagram. Though, she didn’t dethrone Gomez without a good fight because the victory margin was quite close. She has 146,286,173 followers on the platform while Gomez has 146,267,801 followers.

Besides, Grande is lagging behind the soccer legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, who boasts of 155 million followers. Within a span of four moments, 13 million people joined Grande’s Instagram page-thanks to her two studio albums released within six months.

The fact that Grande confessed that she has no personal life is a testimony to this. Her life revolves around social media. She is active and connects with her fans on Twitter, where 61 million followers listen to her.

Two years after her Manchester’s concert ended in tragedy, she is coming back to the Manchester Arena.  There was no better place to make this announcement than through her Twitter handler.

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