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How The Rich Travel: 5 Fanciest Train Suites In The World

While they are used every day for commuting, trains are one of the most luxurious ways of exploring a new place. While it takes you to wonderful places that are worth seeing, some offer accommodations that can match some of the fanciest hotels there are. Here are some of the most luxurious trains in the world.

Venice Simplon Orient Express, Europe

When dining in its luxury train suite, you can expect wood panelling alongside Lalique glass to go along with a four-course dinner. This luxury train operates from London to Venice, via Paris. While billeted here, you can expect your topnotch accommodations to include cabin suites that feature two rooms that connect with each other. There are also mosaic-tiled lavatories and even a baby grand piano.

You can book a luxury suite at their website, They offer two-day London to Venice accommodations and itineraries that can set you back by around $2,500. This already includes meals.

Golden Eagle, Moscow to Vladivostok

Travel enthusiasts would say that you have not really been in a real train until you have tried the Trans-Siberian Express. It boasts a prolific itinerary that spans across eight different time zones. The Golden Eagle is the luxurious counterpart of the Trans-Siberian, and it boasts of facilities that are among the best that there is. It has en-suite bathrooms, laundry services, TVs, a resident pianist, doctor, air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

The two-week trip gives it a feel that resembles a cruise ship more than a train ride because it stops for small trips along the way. Some of its stops include Ulanbaatar and Lake Baikal. Of course, they also provide five star accommodations in Moscow and Vladivostok.

“There’s something about the sound of a train that’s very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful”Paul Simon

The Ghan, Australia

While aboard this luxury suite, you can enjoy vast landscapes and metal smelters along the way. This goes with timeless Red Centre scenes when you ride along the 1,861-mile route where the Ghan will take you when it travels from Adelaide to Darwin. This journey lasts 54 hours and travellers will be taken on a trip that includes going through a narrow gap in the MacDonnel Ranges and across the Todd River.

The most luxurious offerings are the Platinum category, which have en-suite lavatories, lounge chairs, washbasins, showers and double beds. A trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs can set you back by $1,600 per person in this Platinum Suite.

Blue Train, Pretoria to Cape Town

This luxury train can take you for a 27-hour and 1,600-kilometer travel across South Africa. It has stops in the midst of the diamond mines of Kimberley and at the colonial outpost of Matijesfontein as it goes north. While this company offers luxury in every aspect, their biggest selling point is their friendly and helpful staff. Many of the butlers on board have years of experience and you can call at them at any given time to get a snack, drink or even some help with laundry.

This is one of the best trains in the region that it has been patronized by Mia Farrow, Nelson Mandela, Quincy Jones, Margaret Thatcher, Kylie Minogue and Paul Simon. The company just celebrated its 70th anniversary and now offers special journeys to the Kruger Park area.

The Eastern & Oriental, Thailand to Singapore

Carriages are painted in ivory and emerald green while the interiors have been inspired by the 1932 film “Shanghai Express.” The highlight of this luxury train’s route is the Kwai River bridge, which is a historic site (the original was destroyed in a bombing).

Their most luxurious offering is the Presidential cabin, which measures 125 square feet and has two movable chairs and a mini bar. The company offers a 10-day or seven-night tour, which starts at $4,500 and includes flights, transfers, accommodations at the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok and two nights’ accommodation with breakfast in Singapore.

Long trips can be stressful, but that would not be possible if you are treated like a King or Queen in one of these train suites. What do you think of the cabins in this list? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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