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Romantic and Unique Celebrity Proposals

Being rich is definitely a fact that can make it a whole lot easier to plan the perfect proposal, but it takes a lot more than fame and money to be a true romantic.

Inspiration is hard to come by, and if you can’t think of a way to propose to your partner, this article might give you a couple of good ideas for the future.

As you can see, their proposals range from extravagant to the plainest form possible, and it might help you with your anxiety to see how someone else did it.

A deck of cards – Robbie Williams

When the famous bachelor finally decided to pop the question to his wife Ayda Field, he decided to use the deck of cards. When the two of them originally started dating, Robbie would sometimes split a deck of cards to see what they would suggest, and every time he thought about her, the card he got from splitting the deck was the Queen of Hearts. Since Robbie is known as a person who is into mysticism, he took it as a sign, so when he proposed to Ayda he gave her 4 Queens from that deck of cards and each of them had a word written on the back – together they spelled out “Will You Marry Me?”. Sweet and romantic – a perfect proposal.

A sign with a twist – Pink

Pink was never the princess of a fairy tale waiting for her Prince Charming, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that she is the one who proposed to racer Carey Hart. While he was driving laps during a race – he was trying to win – Pink pulled up a sign that said: “Will You Marry Me?”. As soon as he realized she was serious, he quit the race, ran to her (almost causing a crash) and accepted her proposal. Once that happened, Pink sent him back to the race so he could win it because, as he said it in an interview: “She would not marry a loser”.

Pulling out all the stops – Seal

When your girlfriend is Heidi Klum, you must do whatever you can to get her to say “yes” and Seal obviously knew that. The English singer and songwriter decided to whisk Heidi away in a helicopter to the top of a 15.000 ft tall iceberg where an igloo was waiting for them (he had it custom made for them). And inside the igloo was everything a young, romantic couple would need. A bed covered in rose petals, food, champagne, and candlelight. You have to admit, it would be pretty difficult to refuse such a proposal.

Fireworks – David Arquette

David Arquette knew he didn’t need to blow a ton of cash to be romantic – all he needed was a nice ambient and good timing. He took her to a beach in Florida and proposed to her, but had arranged for fireworks to start going off once he was about to propose.

A perfect Christmas moment – Dean McDermott

When it was his turn to propose to Tori Spelling, Dean decided to make it as perfectly romantic as possible. Be warned, however, it is so cute that it might cause nausea to some people. While their relationship was still very young (they were together for the whole of 3 months when he asked) he knew he wanted to marry her. So, he took her on a carriage ride (horse-drawn of course) to the place where he would propose. But that is not all, the path he took her down was half a mile long and was completely lit with Christmas light. The location he took her to had a table on it that was surrounded by Christmas trees and he pulled out a beautiful engagement ring (diamonds and sapphires).

A room full of surprises – Jordan Bratman

While it did not work out in the end between them, Jordan and Christina Aguilera had a very romantic moment while on their holiday in Carmel, California. While she was outside, he filled the room up with rose petals and gift boxes. Inside each of the boxes was a poem he wrote for her and in the last one, he put a five-carat ring. While she was opening it, he dropped on one knee and asked the big question.

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