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The Royals: Kate Middleton Reveals Her Favorite Foods

After causing quite a worldwide stir after marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton is now loved by all and is blessed with two wonderful children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. With her lovely looks and presence, anyone might wonder what the Duchess of Cambridge likes to eat. Here are some of her favorite dishes:

Spicy Curry

Back when she was pregnant with Prince George, Kate was raving about a homemade vegetable dished that was prepared by her an Indian couple Chan Shingadia and her husband, who ran a shop near where Kate lived in Berkshire. As a vegetarian, Chan does not use any form of meat in her dishes and suggested that Kate opted for a vegetarian option for her pregnancy cravings.

While curry is typically served spicy, the Duchess had admitted that she likes her food spiced up. However, she does not share this taste with her husband whom she said struggled with spicy food after their tour of India.

“By far the best dressing up outfit I ever had was a wonderful pair of clown dungarees, which my Granny made.”Kate Middleton

Burgers and Sausages

Kate reportedly acquired a sausage maker while she was living at Anglesey. These are also some of her favorite items to cook for her husband as she has been known to whip them up and serve them hot.

Kate and William often fired up the grill in their garden while they lived in Anglesey and, a lot of times, they were seen grilling burgers together. Kate has also been reported to be a fan of the burgers in her local pub as she has been seen ordering them numerous times. She and her husband have also been seen slipping in an American diner in London called Automat for their cheeseburgers.


Prince William and Kate and all of their wedding guests feasted on a saddle of organic lamb after they married each other in 2011. This is not the only time that the couple had been seen going for a dish with lamb.

When they attended the Taste of British Columbia Food Festival in 2016, the royal couple went straight to Chef Vikram Vij’s stand where they enjoyed his wine marinated lamb popsickles in fenugreek cream curry, which he appropriately named Maharajah’s Lamb Popsicles for them.


The Grand Duchess has been reported to enjoy a wide variety of fish. If she was not going for salads at her local eateries in Anglesey, she would go for fish. She was also a regular shopper at the local fish market. Storekeepers would say that she would always ask for what was the freshest catch and would pick up salmon fillet or cod.

During her pre-wedding lunch with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Kate ordered the sea bass. Not too surprisingly, their wedding menu had a starter of salmon. Even when she and her husband went on vacation in a remote island off the coast of Canada, they had some fish as part of their picnic.

Her Grandmother’s Chutney

There’s always that secret recipe that has been passed on for generations. In the case of the Middletons, it looks like it is grandma’s chutney that has everyone in the family raving. Reports say that she put her kitchen prowess to the test when she first spent Christmas at Sandringham with the Royal Family. Kate said that she gifted the Queen with a pot of her grandmother’s chutney, which she made herself for that personal touch.

Kate revealed that she was so nervous about what to prepare for the Queen, so she thought of her own grandparents. She then thought of making something herself. While she was a little bit worried, her cooking was featured in the Christmas meal the following day. This shows how warm and thoughtful the Queen was toward Kate.

Whether it’s a family recipe, some lamb steaks or exotic Indian food, this list shows that Kate Middleton surely has adventurous taste buds. She has a great taste for food, which goes with travelling and everything that goes with royalty. What do you think of her favorite food? Do you have the same tastes as her. Share with us your thoughts below.

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