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The Shocking Reason Justin Bieber is Avoiding Selena Gomez

The story of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez could make a blockbuster movie. The pair dated in their innocent years and we thought things would eventually work out for them. They had countless fallouts but they always reconciled when we least expected it. When they split for good, Bieber stumbled down a long route of troubles. And then finally, in came Hailey Baldwin like an angel who swept the singer off his feet.

Ever since Bieber tied the knot with Hailey, he has tried to stay away from Gomez because he wants to be loyal to Baldwin. The Canadian singer has not spoken to Gomez ever since his marriage. Sadly, both Gomez and Bieber are currently dealing with mental health issues.

When Gomez and Bieber cut ties in 2018, he reunited with Baldwin, a decision that never went down well with Gomez. But, that union didn’t break her because she bounced back from her rehab stint and got back on her feet in no time. This January, Gomez, and Bieber searched for counseling to help them overcome their issues. Depression that almost crushed him but thanks to Baldwin’s support, he has managed to pull himself out of this phase.

The two singers have faced their fair share of struggles after getting fame at such a young age. A few years ago, Gomez announced that she was battling an autoimmune disease called Lupus and the singer even had to get a kidney transplant because of it, but even these medical condition have not stopped her from making great music.

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