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These Sports Are What Rich People Do For Fun

Have you ever wondered what the wealthy 2% does for fun? Well, we researched and found out what are their favorite sports.

When you think about the super-rich, you probably imagine them in hot springs in Iceland, or on the deck of a lavish yacht, or maybe on an exotic tropical island, swimming with dolphins.

Seems that this is not exactly so, as these sports are their favorites.


Water activities seem to be a common favorite of the wealthy, as 38% of them own a boat and use it for weekly excursions with friends, family or business associates. 68% of them use their boats for all sorts of water sports activities like tubing, jet skiing, waterskiing, water trampolines, swimming, fishing or sailing.

We noticed that some sports are popular among the wealthy because they require a ton of money and free time. Boating and sailing are the best examples of that on this list. So, yeah, we can say that the rich feel at home while they are in the water.


One of the most popular recreational activities enjoyed by the wealthy is skiing. It is one of the top five activities of choice for the rich and of those who like to ski 1 in every 8 actually owns a vacation home near their favorite ski resort. And, much like other entries on this list, skiing can be enjoyed by those who do not have heavily padded pockets, but in not quite the same way.

Your recreational middle-class worker can afford to go cross-country skiing if they save up for it, but if you want to go to a more “prestige” location as the richer folk do, you will have to spend a lot of money.


An average person might be able to have access to a horse, or even buy one. But a truly rich person has horses. They ride at the club, they do dressage, show jumping and eventing. And there is actually a rather considerable difference between simple horseback riding and equestrianism. Equestrianism is a very distinctive word that refers to three Olympic events that include horses: Showjumping, Eventing, and Dressage.

While just buying a horse is actually not that expensive and can be done by almost anyone with a steady salary, owning a dressage horse is expensive. An “affordable” dressage horse will cost you about 60,000 dollars, and the uniform alone will make your fork up another 2,000 dollars on top of it, and then it is the time to start spending on the gear that your horse needs. You are already 62,000 dollars down, after buying the cheaper version, and you have not even bought the saddle yet.


Turns out that well over a third of wealthy people played tennis once per week or more. Not to mention that many of those people decided to try to compete in two or more competitive leagues. Of course, most wealthy tennis players usually choose to become members of private clubs but this is an example of the rich not spending tons of money for one of their favorite pastimes.


And the activity that takes home the prize for the most common recreational sport for a rich person in the United States of America is, of course, golf. Just a bit over half of rich people play golf on regular basis and as many as 45% of wealthy golfers in the United States have joined private clubs. And it makes sense, golf is perfect for someone who got rich through their own hard work. This is why:

– You can set personal records well into your fifties as golf is not a skill of physical fitness.

– It’s hard for an average person to afford. If you want to make a name for yourself you will need proper training and a lot of experience. And this will cost a lot of money. You can pay for lessons, that are not cheap, but you will also need expensive equipment and you will have to pay for a lot of hours on the course to get the experience that you need.

– It is safe. While skiing is awesome, playing gold is simply not likely to cause you injuries.

– Lucky shots. From time to time they will hit an impossible shot for their friends and have something to brag about for weeks after. Something you cannot achieve in most other sports.

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