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Travis Scott Stands Up For Himself Amid SHOCKING Cheating Scandal

When it comes to men, the Kardashian family is constantly embroiled in scandals that keep their reality television world spinning round and round. The ladies have a long history of dating men who have ended up cheating on them. Just recently, a scandal about a secret love affair between Kourtney’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson and family friend Jordyn Woods blew up on tabloids. Now, new cheating rumors are haunting the family, and this time, they’re surrounding Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Scott had to deal with infidelity allegations when he canceled his most anticipated Astroworld concert in Buffalo, New York. Kylie and Scott started dating in 2017 after she split from Tyga. Scott has denied these speculations after Kylie discovered that he cheated on her. Things got worse for Scott when he came home to see Kylie and their 1-year- old daughter, Stormi.

When Kylie presented the evidence to Scott, an argument erupted. Currently, the Kardashian household is going through a rough time after Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Wood stirred up one of the worst scandals in the family.

Khloe and her boyfriend, Tristan separated because of Wood and she moved out of Kylie’s mansion.  For Kylie, she is passing through a lot as people she trusted are disappointing her. Both Scott and Wood cheated and it is tearing her apart. The end of the matter is what we don’t know but we hope it doesn’t turn out worse.

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