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Celebrities Who Went From Rags to Riches

Fame and fortune are synonymous with celebrities and it is natural for people to believe these are the individuals who were born with a golden spoon by their bedside. Things are however different because a number of celebrities had to make a humble beginning before they could finally achieve the fame and fortune they presently have. We are giving you a list of celebrities who went from rags to riches and are today some of the most sought after individuals in America.

These individuals not just made humble beginnings but also had to go through several difficulties before their hard work finally began paying off. A few were also homeless but today can boast of multiple homes that they have simply because they are the celebrities who went from rags to riches. The Fortune they have today can easily surprise you when you read about their past and understand how they could progress in life. Please read through the following information to understand how these individuals managed to achieve the glory which they never had.

When you say you are a gamer and you are a celebrity or a former celebrity there’s a grain of salt that everybody takes that with. Curt Schilling

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker did not let a small thing like money hinder her way to becoming a fashionista despite being born in a poor family. Parker had her early upbringing in Cincinnati Ohio where the family did not have any money. Her mother would get some flawed dresses from a factory nearby to ensure that children could be dressed like the Kennedys.

It was just the education Parker needed to understand dresses and despite not having much excess clothing during the course of her tenure at SATC she began to develop an understanding of what was beautiful.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger had more than just dreams when he moved from his birthplace Graz in Austria. Schwarzenegger managed to save money from his first business which was a bricklaying enterprise Pumping Bricks in order to finance his career in bodybuilding. He not just managed to become a successful businessman but also began his career in the movies and finally as the governor of California.

Leighton Meester

As we speak about celebrities who went from rags to riches after making humble beginnings nothing could be worse than the beginning Leighton Meester had when she was born in a federal jail in Texas.

Her mother Constance Meester was serving time for her involvement for smuggling marijuana from Jamaica into the United States.


Eminem had a humble start in life and an entire movie has been made to show how the rapper had to live in a caravan with his mother and brother. Presently he is worth over $115 million.

Oprah Winfrey

One of the richest and the most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey did not have a good beginning. She was homeless and broke, young and tired when she rushed to Seoul singing legend Aretha Franklin when she was getting off her limousine to mention that she had been abandoned. Franklin gave $100 to Oprah which she used to get into a hotel for the night. She is now worth $2.7 billion.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling is living evidence that fortune can fall into the lap of anyone at any time. She was late in life as a single and a struggling mother living on the breadline in Gloucestershire before she began writing the Harry Potter series. Several books, movies and a variety of projects have today given her a fortune of just over $1 billion.

Jim Carey

Jim Carrey was a poor teenager who was forced to live with his entire family in a single Volkswagen camper that was parked next to a tire rim factory where he was also employed. Carey had to endure problems with homelessness and also work as a janitor, a construction worker, and a picture frame factory worker before he finally made it big on the comedy circuit and is reportedly worth $150 million.

Justin Bieber

Before Justin Bieber became a YouTube hit he was leading life as a young Canadian destitute and living in a rat infested house without any food. The Prince of Pop did not have his own bedroom and had to manage on a pullout couch. Today he is worth $65 million.

Among the list of celebrities who went from rags to riches are also included the names of Mariah Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore and Mark Wahlberg. These are the celebrities who made humble beginnings but fortune smiled upon them because they could make it from rags to riches.

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