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Financial Wisdom We Can All Learn From Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is one of those very few people who you might have watched grow from an ambitious young boy to one of the world’s richest people and tech pioneers. He is definitely one of those very few people who started out young and succeeded almost instantly. Here are some things we can all learn from him.

It Is Harder than it Looks

Mike Vernal graduated from Harvard in 2002, just a few months before Zuckerberg arrived in the university. He first took a job at Microsoft and later left to join Facebook as an engineer. He would later climb up the corporate ladder and emerge to head a department where he directly reports to Zuckerberg.

Having watched the Facebook CEO up close, he believes that the secret to Zuckerberg’s success is his uncanny ability to think for the ages while knowing when to get deep. He says that of all of Mark’s features, it is his attitude of taking a very long view of things in an almost geological standpoint. While most people think for a day or a week, Zuckerberg thinks for an entire century ahead.

“I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress”Mark Zuckerberg

Picking the Right People

Zuckerberg has a proven skill at selecting talent as he relies on a core group of executives that have been with Facebook since its inception. He claims to draw a lot of inspiration from his group of senior managers than from any adviser or mentor that he has ever had.  While he is still considered by many as a boy genius, he is more of a grinder in reality. He believes more in hard work than any other principle that some other people as rich as him might consider.

He constantly surrounds himself with people whom he respects and whom he can constantly stress test with. “Ideas typically do not just come to you,” says Zuckerberg. “They happen because you’ve been talking about something or thinking about something and talking to a lot of people about if for a long period of time.”

Always Strive for Improvement

Zuckerberg has truly changed from his ways when he first became one of the richest people on earth at the age of 23. Now a father of one with another on the way and husband to physician Priscilla Chan, he has taken on steps towards a more respectable image. He now hires speechwriters, improved his wardrobe from a scrub to monochrome minimalism and constantly took on self improvement challenges that made him a lifestyle guru for some people in the tech industry.

One of his most significant improvements is his EQ. Zuckerberg was awkward to talk to, but he acknowledged his own problem and was committed to changing those ways. Now, he is one of the most influential speakers in the industry.

Patience Will Be Rewarded

Facebook has a simple but ambitious mission — to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Zuckerberg has not always been gifted with a talent in speaking, but he has improved with practice. He is efficient about slipping the statement into everyday conversation in his speeches and interviews.

Such repetition makes for effective external and internal messaging. If there is something on Facebook that cannot be explained, then it does not fit. Virtual reality has its own place because Zuckerberg thinks that it is the next platform for communicating.

Being on message means being patient. Zuckerberg was very patient when he first bought Instagram, which had no revenues when he acquired it. The same goes for another game of waiting with WhatsApp.

On Experimentation

Zuckerberg himself says that, in a lot of ways, building a company follows the scientific method. You can go with a lot of different hypotheses and if your experiments turn out well, you learn which steps to take. When he invested in a huge framework, there is not just one version of Facebook at one given time. There are probably thousands of versions of it running because engineers at work are capable of trying out an idea and ship it out to thousands.

Financial and business literacy is no joke. If you want to be proficient at it, you have to learn from the best. With Mark Zuckerberg’s principles, you are sure to learn a few things that you can apply to your career. Did you find any of these striking? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.


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