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Kardashian Business Ventures That Didn’t Really Fly

Showbiz channels and paparazzi magazines live and breathe the Kardashians. This family has been followed so much that virtually anything they touch gets noticed and gets a following of its own. They have had several attempts at business and these got worldwide attention. However, their Midas touch does not always work. They have also gotten into ventures that didn’t do so well. Here are some of the Kardashian enterprises that failed.

QuickTrim Diet Pills

A big chunk of the popularity of the Kardashians can be attributed to their figures. However, before they claimed that their sexy physiques were because of strict diets and strenuous workouts, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe said that they had to thank some diet pills for their curves. Of course, many of their followers were intrigued by their products and these sold quite decently for quite some time. That is until their customers reported not feeling any changes in their bodies.

Some of their customers did not end up happy with the product and were vocal about it online. In the end, the Kardashians were sued for over $5 million for alleged misrepresentation. The case in New York was dismissed while the one filed in California was settled. Ultimately, the product was a failure and was not heard from again.

“Take a chance and don’t ever look back. Never have regrets, just lessons learned.”Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian Kard

The Kardashians are famous just for being famous. Nobody can point to one reason how they rose to such amount of fame, but almost everything they use and endorse gets noticed by everybody. However, not all of these last long.

In late 2010, the Kardashians launched a business that you might never associate with them — a credit card. They came up a glammed up prepaid debit card which they claimed was geared towards financially unsophisticated young adults. This might have attracted a lot of clients, but later on, complaints would arise about questionable and exorbitant fees. The Kardashian Kard would entirely crash in less than a month after its debut. The Kardashians would succeed in other ventures and fail in others, but none as bad as this.

Kim Kardashian’s Singing Career

Everyone knows her to be Paris Hilton’s ex-best friend, that woman with the huge behind, Kanye West’s wife and many others, but nobody really knows exactly why Kim Kardashian is as popular as she is now. We admire celebrities for their talents, but Kim does not seem to be one of those.

In 2011, she actually did try to enter the music industry with a pop song titled “Jam (Turn It Up).” She herself thinks that this move was a huge mistake. In 2014, she told Andy Cohen that she questioned herself on her right to call herself a singer since she thinks that she does not have a good singing voice.

Rob Kardashian’s Sock Line

Rob might have been miserable with his issues with Blac Chyna recently, but he had some equally devastating experiences when he tried to launch his own business. Rob might not have that Midas touch that his sisters and mother has. Earlier, he tried to launch his own sock line, which went under water.

Kardashian Khaos

Kardashian Khaos took off and it was pretty successful in its initial years, but it did not last very long. In September of 2014, the family experienced what could be their most frustrating failure yet when one of their biggest investments. Kardashian Khaos closed its store in Las Vegas after just three years in operation.

This store was pretty popular, but reports say that it had to shut down due to poor sales. This celebrity lifestyle boutique sold an array of Kardashian souvenirs which included key chains, water bottles and several novelty items that were marketed for Kardashian fans.

While everyone follows the Kardashians, business matters are a completely different thing. Their fame can carry their ventures for a while, but eventually, some do not stay on long enough to prosper. Have you tried any of these products before? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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