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Kim Kardashian Fans Reveal the One Inspiring Quality that Made Them Admire Her Despite Her Past

Kim Kardashian has earned her fair share of haters and critics over the years. Fortunately, they’re balanced out by the many fans who continue to admire the controversial public figure.

If you’re one of those who are still on the fence about Kardashian, reading what her fans have to say about her most admirable trait might just get you on board.

Rise to Infamy

s_bukley/Shutterstock — Kardashian and socialite Paris Hilton were often photographed together at parties by paparazzi

But before that, let’s retrace the path she took to success first. Before scoring her own reality television show, Kardashian entered the public’s radar by hanging out with more prominent celebrities at the time. She also became infamous when a private video of hers and the singer Ray-J was released in 2007.

Soon, Kardashian and the rest of her family exploded in popularity primarily thanks to the portrayal of their drama-filled and entertaining personal lives in E!’s ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. Unfortunately, this newfound fame also meant that the Kardashian-Jenner clan had to endure a constant barrage of criticism from people who think they aren’t talented enough to be famous.

Kim’s Strength

everett225/Deposit Photos — Kardashian is currently married to rapper billionaire Kanye West

The now-39-year-old star’s reaction to those naysayers is what made her fans admire her even more.

In a Reddit thread, one fan shared how they think it’s ‘genuinely inspiring’ the way Kardashian can continue to uplift herself despite being pulled down by numerous setbacks. The fan then commended her strength and how she refused to give up her dreams.

Another commenter echoed the fan’s sentiments. They even shared how they think of what Kardashian would do in their situation whenever they face struggles in life.

Looking back, the fans realized how people thought it was cool to hate on the reality star years ago. Now, it’s time for those same individuals to take a step back and just see how much Kardashian has accomplished since.

New Page in Life

Kim Kardashian/Instagram — Kardashian and West share four children together

Moving forward from her controversial past, Kardashian managed to build an empire of businesses based on her personal brand. With successful ventures such as KKW Beauty and SKIMS, she serves as an inspiring example for other women who dream of being their own boss.

Kardashian isn’t just busy making money though. Following the footsteps of her later father, who was a renowned lawyer, she’s expressed her desire to go into the profession as well. This venture into studying law is part of her advocacy for reforming the United States’ criminal justice system.

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