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TV Hosts Who Are Earning Millions

When it comes to famous personalities around the world you expect them to be paid a lot, however, it does come as a surprise to find out that these TV hosts are richer than most of the famous actors and actresses around.

When it comes to paychecks one always assumes that working on big films and having a career as a blockbuster star will earn you a lot more money than being a TV host, however, that is not always true, for an example, did you know that Wendy Williams has as much money as Ben Affleck? However, it is true that most of these celebrities did not get all of their riches simply by doing their jobs, they are (at least currently) best known for their work as talk show hosts. But, not to drag it out too long, this is our list of the richest celebrity hosts.

Steve Harvey – 100 million dollars

Yes, believe it or not, having a net worth of a 100 million dollars will only get you in the fifth place on this list. And Stephen Harvey, comedian, actor, author, and a DJ (yes, he really is, look it up). One of the things that he did that people consider to be a huge factor in his net worth was publishing a best-selling book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” back in 2009. While the 5-million-dollar publishing deal he got for it is definitely a huge thing, you cannot really attribute his entire wealth to this book alone since, even now, he is managing to earn 30 million dollars per year. His success is definitely his own as he is not one of the celebrities raised in rich families. In fact, his father worked as a coal miner and he had to go through an array of jobs before turning to show business (including fixing cars, cleaning carpets, and being a mailman).

Kelly Ripa – 100 million dollars

Kelly Ripa is one of the most powerful people in the media today with “Live, With Kelly & Ryan” being one of the favorite morning talk shows in the United States. Kelly started her career as a teenager by participating in “Dance Party USA” on the USA channel and later starring in a soap opera “All My Children” where she played Hayley Vaughan for over a decade. However, it was not until her getting the role of a host on WABC-TV’s “Live With...” (replacing Kathie Lee Griffin) that her fame really began. And that is definitely a well-paid position as her salary in 2013 was reported at 20 million dollars.

Sharon Rachel Osbourne – 220 million dollars

We know! Sharon Osbourne, after splitting with Ozzy, is estimated to have over 220 million dollars. That definitely is a lot. Her public debut was in “The Osbournes” (if you remember it, it was a reality TV show that aired for 3 years in the early 2000s and followed the life of, well, the Osbournes). She also used to be a judge on “The X Factor” in the UK in 2004 (and for the next 3 years). Since both of her shows were major hits, she actually managed to make quite a career for herself as a talk show host. She  managed to get some successes with America’s got talent and similar shows. However, it was not until she started appearing as one of the co-hosts of “The Talk” until the really big salaries started. For the year 2013, she received a million dollars to be one of the five hosts for the show.

Dr. Phil McGraw- 400 million dollars

Born on September 1, 1950, Dr. Phil is probably one of the most well-known hosts around being even commonly used as a pop-culture reference in movies and shows alike.

Philip McGraw is one of the stars that Oprah launched herself, and he is definitely the one who made it the most. His TV show “Dr. Phil” has been running for a while raking in incredible ratings, and Dr. Phil knew how to cash in on that fame as he managed to earn 88 million dollars in the last year alone.

Ellen DeGeneres – 400 million dollars

This Emmy award winner has taken over the world of talk shows after Oprah decided to quit in 2011. She is a successful comedian and her impressive abilities as a host have helped her land at least one victory for every People’s Choice Awards since 2005, with the exception of the year 2010. No wonder she raked in 75 million in earnings only during the previous year.

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