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Unique Hobbies Of The Rich And Famous

Every single person in this world have hobbies, it’s basically the things that a person enjoys. It can either be something that has to do with sports, music, films, literature, travel or some other unusual things. It is basically anything that is fun for the person, of course, just because you enjoy doing something, doesn’t mean that everyone else loves it as well. Since hobbies are basically fun activities, there are just endless possibilities for everyone. It doesn’t really matter who you are, that is why we have gathered some of the unique hobbies the rich and famous love to do.

“One of the reasons equality gets so deep in this country is that everyone wants to be rich. That’s the American ideal. Poor people don’t like talking about poverty because even though they might live in the projects surrounded by other poor people and have like ten dollars in the bank, they don’t like to think of themselves as poor.”Jay-Z


ANGELINA JOLIE – Collects Daggers

Who would’ve thought that one of Hollywood’s A-Listers would think that collecting daggers is actually fun? Angelina Jolie is famous for the films Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Maleficent. She is also famous for being with actor Brad Pitt, but they separated in 2016. Jolie the daughter of American actor, John Voight. Jolie admitted to having been obsessed with collecting daggers ever since she was young. She even showed her skills in using a butterfly knife in a late night show. She also told W magazine that it was her mom who introduced her to daggers and she hopes to pass them on to her son, Maddox.

WARREN BUFFET – Plays Ukulele and Online Bridge

This man is actually known to be one of the world’s most successful business man. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is even listed as the second wealthiest man in the entire United States of America, and fourth in the world. Someone as successful as him, you would expect that he would have such luxurious hobbies, however, one of the things that he enjoys is playing the ukulele. Who would’ve thought that something so simple could actually make someone as successful as him so happy? He even gives ukulele lessons to children in Omaha. There is a white ukulele that he signed and it was auctioned on eBay for $11,000 and it all went to charity.


Another business magnate is Richard Branson, he is known to be the founder of Virgin Group, which is one of the biggest companies in the world. He is also known to be an experienced kitesurfer. Kitesurfing is actually a water sport that is a combination of wake boarding, paragliding, and of course, surfing. Branson is known for his attempts to break the world record when it comes to kitesurfing.

LIAM NEESON – Fly Fishing

When it comes to action and adventure films, he is one of the veterans. Liam Neeson is known for his roles in the films, Taken, Les Miserables, Schindler’s List, and Star Wars. According to an interview, Neeson described Hollywood as ‘nonsense’ and that sometimes he just want to get away from the limelight and enjoy his favorite hobby, which is fly fishing. It is where an artificial fly is attached to a rod to actually catch a fish.

TOM HANKS – Collects Vintage Typewriters

Last but definitely not the least is the Academy Award-winning actor, Tom Hanks. He appeared in some of the best films in Hollywood, but there is actually one thing you would never expect him to do, and that is his hobby of collecting vintage typewriters from the 1940s. Although he loves his typewriters, he also enjoys interacting with his fans on social media.

Rich and famous or not, fun is definitely something that everyone wants to have. Whatever it is that you enjoy, do it as much as you can. Life must always be filled with fun so that we will all continue to be inspired to do our respective tasks and goals in life.

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