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Famous People Who Died Without You Knowing

There’s no escaping it, death is an important part of life. But, death doesn’t have to be seen as a negative thing. Some cultures celebrate death when a beloved friend, family member, or even celebrity passes away, like the day of the dead.

Here you’ll find a list of famous stars from the stage and screen who have passed away over the years perhaps without the attention they deserved. They have, however, made their families and loved ones proud and have left a legacy in the industry worthy of mention, undoubtedly. Here are some of them now with the cause of their deaths.

Kelly Preston – BREAST CANCER

In July, 2020 fans of actress Kelly Preston were shocked to read the newspapers and online that the actress from movies such as Twins, Jerry Maguire and Gotti had passed away due to Breast Cancer. It was more shocking because hardly anyone knew that Kelly was fighting cancer and even receiving treatment for two years, but wanted to keep it private. She leaves behind her grieving husband, Grease actor John Travolta and her two children. Kelly, 57 at the time of her death, had lost her 16-year-old son, Jett in 2009.

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