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Trust These Celebrities to Show You that True Love and Happy Endings Do Exist in this World

Fame is a fickle friend, and in the world of celebrities, this is especially evident in the relationships they have. Which is why it is not at all uncommon to hear of celebrity divorces and affairs. After all, these gorgeous individuals are constantly surrounded by other equally beautiful individuals, so you can imagine the temptation.

Because of this, it’s often hard to keep track of who’s married to whom, especially when someone’s been married multiple times. It’s definitely not a surprise why divorce lawyers in Hollywood have success in their line of work as marriages and the dissolution of which are definitely among the celebrity world’s most lucrative trades.

Greg Gutfeld – Married to Elena Moussa (~ 16 Years)

If you are a viewer of the Fox News Channel, you are definitely familiar with who Greg Gutfeld is. The television personality is the host of The Greg Gutfeld Show and a co-host of The Five. In case you’re wondering who Gutfeld’s partner is, it’s Elena Moussa, a former model from Russia, whom he met in London when the TV personality lived there for three years. Moussa now works as a photo editor for Maxim Russia. The couple, who has been married for 16 years, have no children.

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