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For Art’s Sake – Famous Actors and Actresses Who Cross-Dressed for Roles

Actors and actresses sometimes are required to go to great lengths just to play acting roles well.  There are times when they needed to put on prosthetics and they sit in makeup chairs for hours so the production team can achieve the look they want, including a change in hair color.  These changes are incredible you would think these screen stars underwent plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

But there are times prosthetics and makeup are not enough, dressing and acting as the opposite gender are asked by roles, to which actors and actresses who are up for the challenge take up. The risks often ended up with great rewards, because many of the actors who played characters of the opposite gender in movies and plays ended up with critically and award-winning performances.

Eddie Murphy – Professor Klump’s Mother & Grandmother, The Nutty Professor

Eddie Murphy has been making audiences around the world laugh for many years; one of them is through the film series, The Nutty Professor. In it, the actor played many characters, two of them women – Professor Klump’s mother and grandmother. Talk about versatility! However, when Murphy donned the woman suit once again in Norbit, critics called him out for having ‘stepped out of line of awful’.

Regardless, the actor was hilarious in The Nutty Professor movie, which made him somewhat achieve his goal, which was to make audiences laugh.

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