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Danny Amendola is Setting Things Straight After Lashing Out At Ex Olivia Culpo

The Super Bowl may have concluded, but there is still one NFL player who is creating major buzz recently. He’s none other than Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Danny Amendola. After the player went on an Instagram rant about ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo and the man she’s reportedly getting too friendly with, Zedd, he is claiming responsibility for any ‘miscommunication’ that may have happened.

Just a few days after his rant via Twitter posts, that have been since deleted, Amendola is trying to clear the air by taking the blame for any miscommunication and the not-so-nice things he said about his former love and sort-of new flame. He said that what made him made thing straight were three words — love triangle gossip.  According to Amendola, he only wants good vibes, and that as long as everyone’s happy, he’s happy.

Nonetheless, after posting these and the words “all love always,” he followed it with a puzzling post that talks about fake people who try hard to maintain a certain public image, while those who are “real” don’t have any care in the world. It’s left for us to guess whether the NFL player is referring to Culpo. Although Amendola seemed to try to make it appear that he is over and done with his ex-girlfriend, his deleted social media rants say otherwise. He first tried to justify why he and Culpo broke up, explaining that the former Miss USA and Miss Universe loves the fishbowl lifestyle, while he prefers a private life.

He further outs Culpo by saying that she was doing everything to be noticed on the internet to make money in Hollywood, while he plays football to earn respect. It’s a bonus for him then, that an NFL player gets million dollar contracts, right? Musician and record producer Zedd didn’t escape the rants, because there was a message for him, too. After all, Amendola’s social media posts were triggered by the news that Zedd and Culpo were seen getting cozy at Coachella Valley Music Arts and Festival during weekend 1. The famous wide receiver said he wants Culpo to be happy, and if dancing with a scrawny man is the answer to that, so be it!

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