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The Royals are Dropping Major Hints about Meghan’s Due Date, but William might Miss it?

Prince William is preparing to become a proud uncle as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcome their very first child, but possibly may be absent when the baby arrives.  The Duke of Cambridge has a vital work conflict with a visit to New Zealand scheduled during the last week of April, honoring a request made by the country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to remember the Christchurch mosque shooting victims. This official visit is to be made on behalf of the Queen and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II


The newest royal baby’s birth is said to be due in late April, going by what Meghan told adoring fans in January 2018, as she visited Birkenhead, England. Royal couples have been historically secretive about the due dates of their children and until the infant arrives, the exact due date will not be known.

If Prince William misses the royal birth, his absence would be quite understandable, considering the seriousness of this New Zealand trip. As news spread about 50 people being killed in 2 mosques in the city of Christchurch earlier this year, William, Harry, Kate and Meghan condemned this heinous attack in their joint statement, stating that nobody should ever fear when they attend a holy place of worship. Prince William visits Auckland and Christchurch from April 25-26 to pay tribute to those affected in the terrorist attack, and recognize the unity and incredible empathy displayed by the New Zealanders.

This is not the only time William and his official duties conflicted with Harry’s major life event. As England’s Football Association (FA) President, he was absent from the final match of the FA Cup held on the very same day as he was best man at Meghan and Harry’s big royal wedding. Prince Charles and his wife’s upcoming royal tour also hints at a possible connection to the birth of ‘Baby Sussex.’ The couple proposes to visit Germany from May 7-10, having possibly scheduled the trip after the baby’s arrival.

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