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Celebrities With Regular Jobs

Sure, being a celebrity is a lucrative enough career, whether you’ve made your mark in movies or any other niche of the entertainment industry. It is a real surprise, therefore, to find out that there are stars who have other pursuits outside of Hollywood. This usually happens when they’ve gone inton retirement, or even just as a way to indulge their other passions. But for most, it’s great way to keep their bank accounts replenished, or even to increase their already massive net worth. Whatever the reason, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find out that our favorite stars’s second careers are.

Karolyn Grimes – It’s a Wonderful Life


Who hasn’t seen the class movie by Frank Capra – It’s a Wonderful Life. If you’ve seen it you would know the face of the little girl who played the role of Jimmy Stuart and Donna Reed’s daughter, Zuzu Bailey. The child actress portraying the role of Zuzu was Karolyn Grimes who got very famous after the role. Unfortunately she was not able to find many acting parts after the movie and instead ended up being a representative of sorts for the movie at film festivals, interviews and screenings. She has even written 4 children’s books all revolving around Zuzu and her adventures.

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