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The Amazing Wives and Girlfriends of Lucky Pro Athletes

You know what they say—that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. This is especially true with professional athletes and ball players. They may be filling up their bank accounts with millions from their massive payrolls and endorsement deals, but there’s no doubt that their strong wives and partners keep them motivated, as well as keep their families together. Here’s a look at those famous ladies who make sure that their partners give a 100% on the field…

Mirka Federer — Wife of Roger Federer

It’s easy to see why tennis superstar Roger Federer and wife Mirka connected and fell in love. After all, Mirka was a tennis player herself before she had to quit due to a personal injury. Since her retirement from the sport and marriage to Roger, she has taken up the task of being his professional manager, as well as managing their growing household.

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