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30 Celebs Who Gave Up Fame to Work Regular Jobs

Sure, being a celebrity is a lucrative enough career, whether you’ve made your mark in movies or any other niche of the entertainment industry. It is a real surprise, therefore, to find out that there are stars who have other pursuits outside of Hollywood. This usually happens when they’ve gone inton retirement, or even just as a way to indulge their other passions. But for most, it’s great way to keep their bank accounts replenished, or even to increase their already massive net worth. Whatever the reason, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find out that our favorite stars’s second careers are.

Tony Danza – Taxi

Before Tony Danza became a star in Taxi and Who’s the Boss? in the 80s, he was actually a professional boxer. He is, therefore, no stranger to switching careers as his passions see fit. Still, it was a surprise to see him switch gears and become a teacher for 10th-grade English, which was heavily documented in the reality show, Teach: Tony Danza.

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