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Living Legends: Celebrities From the Past Who Are Thriving Today

Would you believe that some famous celebrities who you thought had passed away or had retired are still very much alive and working? The first movie to be ever shot in Hollywood was the silent movie In Old California, all the way back in 1910! The movie-making industry only thrived after that and over the year we have had some amazing actors.

What is amazing is that some of these living legends, even at their advanced age, are still very much strong, energetic, and beautiful as ever, many choosing to age gracefully and naturally. Are you ready for a blast from the past? Here are what your favorite yesteryear stars are up to these days…

Tippi Hedren, Born in 1930

Actress Tippi Hedren is prominent for starring the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds. But she is also well-known for being the mother of actress Melanie Griffith and the grandmother of the newly famous actress Dakota Johnson.

Hedren’s retirement from acting was long ago, but she is still active in raising funds for various charities, particularly ones about wildlife preservation. We do hope she appears on screen soon. Tippi’s most recent role was in 2015, in The Ghost and the Whale. She is still active since 1950, making this her seventh decade in the biz.

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