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Last Photos Taken of Celebrities Before They Died

Because they spend most of their lives in the limelight, it is easy to get quite attached to our favorite celebrities. This is even more inevitable when we’re given a glimpse of their personal lives. Sometimes, they may even feel like family, or even friends. This is why it’s always a sad state of affairs whenever a star dies, and this goes on to become a real cause of grief for their fans. This is regardless if they died by their own hand after failing depression treatment, or because of their own life choices like botched plastic surgery or drug addiction. When this happens, we can’t help but wonder what their last days or even moments were like. These pictures, from professional photographers or just from the people close to them, offer a bittersweet glance of their last hours on earth and may even offer comfort to the most steadfast of fans.

Tammy Faye Messner – Died July 20, 2007

Tammy Faye Messner was an evangelist, singer, TV personality and author who was once married to minister Jim Bakker and helped him host The PLT Club and they even built a Christian theme park named Heritage USA. Messner was in the forefront when Jim was imprisoned for conspiracy and fraud in 1992 and eventually divorced him the same year. In 1996, Tammy was diagnosed with colon cancer, which was in remission following her cancer treatment, but it would later cause her death in 2007. This photo is from one of Tammy’s last TV appearances where she had lost a lot of weight, but had her smile intact.

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