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These Child Stars Are All Grown Up Now

It’s a tale as old as time—child stars often do not fare well as adults. Perhaps this is because they grow up in the limelight, adored and admired by the public, that they cannot seem to deal with the real life that awaits them in adulthood.

This is probably why many of them grow up with substance abuse problems or depression, while others have absolutely no concept of managing their earnings so they end up in bankruptcy. And then there are the select few whose careers and success survive the test of time. So what has happened to your favorite child stars since? Let’s find out.

Macaulay Culkin – Colorful character

Macaulay Culkin is undoubtedly one of the biggest child stars of all time, becoming a household name for his stand-out performances in the Home Alone franchise. In fact, at some point, he was regarded as the most successful child actor of all time. Aside from Home Alone, he also had a slew of hits like Richie Rich and The Pagemaster.

However, he suddenly took a break from acting in 1994. He returned to acting in 2003, and though he had several projects, he failed to regain his momentum. He also briefly pursued a musical career. Despite his lack of success of late, Macaulay’s net worth no doubt keeps him comfortable and well away from bankruptcy.

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