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Hobbies That Keep the World’s Top Billionaires Busy

Like their sources of money, famous billionaires’ hobbies tend to be unconventional. These business leaders, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and creators of IT giants all have odd pastimes. The wealthiest people in the world have the following interests:

Jeff Bezos

Source: Pexels

The founder of Amazon scours the world looking for abandoned NASA spacecraft. There is no secure site to dispose of rocket boosters other than overseas because the majority of rockets separate from space shuttles mid-flight. Bezos spends weeks looking for underwater rockets as a pastime, working with teams in submarines to recover historical artefacts.

Elon Musk

The head of SpaceX and Tesla is “certified bookworm.” He unwinds with a good book, and science fiction had an impact on his early years. Playing video games like Deus Ex, Fallout, and BioShock helped influence his future. He is an enthusiastic gamer who likes some controller leisure. Elon Musk watches a wide range of Netflix and HBO episodes, as well as anime and historical documentaries, all in one sitting.

Warren Buffet

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and Oracle of Omaha performs ukulele for investors, on live television, and at charitable events. Even though he has played more than 95% of his bridge games online over the past 15 years, he occasionally plays bridge with Bill Gates to keep his skills sharp.

Larry Page

The co-founder of Google enjoys outdoor adventure sports, and his favorite pastime, kiteboarding, helps him unwind. He frequently visits Alaska and Necker Island, the eccentric billionaire Richard Branson’s private island, for kiteboarding.

Bill Gates

Source: Pexels

The billionaire philanthropist and former CEO of Microsoft enjoys playing bridge in his spare time while juggling work for his Foundation and time with friends and family. After playing with Warren Buffett, he began to play bridge, and he still does so today. His love of reading, travelling, and tennis had an impact on his humanitarian endeavors.

Sergey Brin

The other Google co-founder pushes his physical limitations and is prepared for anything that would make his adrenaline flow. He enjoys roller hockey, gymnastics, springboard diving, high-flying trapeze, and ultimate Frisbee in his leisure time. He makes it clear that sports have always piqued his interest by enjoying a range of acrobatic activities.

Steve Ballmer

The CEO of Microsoft has a newfound affection for golf as a calming activity. After leaving Microsoft, he enjoys playing golf and watching Netflix. Prior to the breakup, Ballmer had been binge-watching Netflix. He acknowledges having seen more than 100 episodes of “The Good Wife.”

Mukesh Ambani

The chairman of Reliance Industries is a multibillionaire Bollywood aficionado and loves vintage Hindi films and music. The totally bulletproof BMW 670Li he has, which cost over $250,000 in registration fees, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, the Aston Martin Rapide, and the Rolls-Royce Phantom are just a few of the more than 170 automobiles he collects.

Mark Zuckerburg

Source: Pexels

The CEO of Facebook enjoys an odd pastime: bow-and-arrow boar hunting. The internet entrepreneur heeds the guidance of the US agriculture regulatory organisation, which advised hunters to target exotic species. Since he was a fencer in school, Zuckerberg enjoys fencing and finds it to be a great way to develop patience and attention.

Bernard Arnault

The multi-billionaire businessman plays tennis frequently and is frequently spotted in the VIP section of tennis tournaments. The owner of LVMH is a patron of the arts. He studied classical piano and now plays the keyboard in his leisure time. He got piano instruction. Arnault’s mother’s passion in music contributed to his developing love of it.

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