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How US Billionaires Avoid Taxes on an Epic Scale – Part II

ProPublica’s detailed research of the ultra-tax wealthy’s evasion strategies uncovers enormous advantages for billionaires. We made an attempt to get responses from the millionaire tax-planners, but they never did.

Build, Drill and Save: The Real Estate and Oil Businesses Can Both Be Tax Havens

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Billionaires can completely erase their incomes even as they become richer because to advantageous tax advantages in sectors like oil and gas or real estate. Owner of the Miami Dolphins and developer of residential properties Stephen Ross, who paid no income taxes for ten years lawfully. Another oil industry millionaire continues to benefit from the greatest oil disasters in history’s inexhaustible well of tax write-offs.

Your Taxes are too high? Change Tax Laws

Often, managing a new tax advantage pays off. Trump’s “huge, magnificent tax cut” for pass-through corporations paid well for the wealthy who donate millions to Republican lawmakers. Changes allowed 82 extremely rich households to save $1 billion in taxes every year! By reducing their salary and classifying their income as pass-through, some millionaires increased their savings.

Even Billionaire’s Hobbies Pay off at Tax Time

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Another excellent way to reduce taxes is to deduct expenses from interests and side ventures that are set up as businesses, as is the case with billionaires who own racehorses. Tax write-offs related to horse-racing businesses totaled $600 million for six owners of thoroughbred horses competing in the 2021 Kentucky Derby. Ty Warner, the creator of Beanie Babies, was able to enjoy 12 years tax-free thanks to his lavish stays at iconic Four Seasons hotels.

Trust how Wealthy Families Pass Billions to Heirs and Avoid Taxes

The United States government won’t receive a portion of a fortune that is left to heirs through a trust because to the estate tax loopholes. Trust income is received by half of the billionaires. In order for the original early 20th century tycoon’s riches to be transferred, three century-old trusts were used to dodge taxes. Before turning 19, a great-great-granddaughter received $210 million from the existing family trusts.

Why Tech Billionaires Pay Less Tax than Finance Managers

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American billionaires succeed with low income tax rates while having several opportunities to decrease taxes. Certain categories , private equity heirs, executives, and tech giants) might use the different methods indicated above to analyse the earnings of persons with $110 million in yearly revenues and low tax rates. Rich politicians also used these strategies, including the governors of West Virginia and Colorado.


How much a billionaire class member’s wealth increases year is significant. The rest of us need and have salaries in order to survive. The wealthy avoid income because they don’t need it. Taxes are avoided by avoiding revenue. Compared to the typical person, billionaires pay substantially less in taxes. Michael Bloomberg, Carl Icahn, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos all avoided paying any federal income taxes as a result. Over time, they amass riches and permit the rise of Amazon stock.

The revenue of Berkshire Hathaway is increased by Warren Buffett. You must never sell in order to avoid taking any money. If they don’t sell, how do these things exist? They take out loans against their wealth, which is tax-free. The USA’s ultra-wealthy increased their fortune by $400 billion between 2014 and 2018, yet they contributed around $14 billion in taxes. When linked to their wealth growth, the extremely rich paid a pitiful 3.4% in federal income taxes, compared to the average person’s effective rate of 15%.

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