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Celeb A-lister Who Were Fired from Their Jobs

Lisa Kudrow

Creator: Alberto E. Rodriguez | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2017 Getty Images

Lisa Kudrow was to portray the role of Roz Doyle on the sitcom Frasier, but after the filming of the pilot took a different turn. She wasn’t right for the part or for the chemistry of the group. Kudrow then auditioned for Friends, but was worried about getting the role. Director James Burrows axed her from Frasier as her acting was inadequate, so when she auditioned for him again, she was tense but did it and he said, ‘No notes’ She left as it meant she was beyond help and nothing he could do or say would help.

Johnny Depp

After a judge ruled that ex-wife Amber Heard was physically assaulted 12 times in 2020, by Johnny Depp, the actor was sacked from his role as Grindelwald, in the third Fantastic Beasts film. He denied the allegations made against him and his role is being recast.

Charlie Sheen

A month after CBS and Two and a Half Men’s Chuck Lorre axed him from the popular half-hour comedy, Charlie lamented that they fired him after he made $5 billion for them, giving a decade of entertainment. He really was having too much fun. What did they expect having paid that kind of money?

Hugh Jackman

Before he embodied the character of Wolverine from the famous superhero comics X-Men, Jackman was working the counters at his local 7-Eleven convenience store. He was fired after six weeks as the boss felt he talked too much to the customers.

Cheryl Burke

Creator: Paul_Archuleta | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2019 Paul Archuleta

The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ pro’s mom owned a nursing agency and she fired her for always being late at work and never clocking out to always get paid more than she was entitled to. The job was just not good enough. Never ever work for your mom or dad.


As a struggling, young singer in New York, Madonna Louise Ciccone, aka just Madonna worked several odd jobs for survival. She was fired from the Dunkin Donuts at Times Square having squirted donut jelly on a customer.

Terrence Howard

Before he struck big in movies such as Hustle & Flow and Crash, Terrence ran a paper route working for the newspaper The Cleveland Press but not for long as they fired him after a fortnight two weeks, as he could not get up early enough.

Tony Bennett

His worst job was as elevator operator, the legendary crooner told as he was fired on the first day.

Snoop Dogg

The rapper’s job as local grocery bag boy was short-lived as he was more adept at stealing groceries than at bagging them, Snoop confessed.

Kate Walsh

After being fired from Burger King as the assistant manager didn’t like her, Walsh worked at Dairy Queen and remained in fast-food royalty.

Bill Hader

Creator: Emma McIntyre | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2019 Getty Images

Saturday Night Live’s Hader spoke about his short-lived gig at a movie theater. He says that a sorority group had rented out the movie theatre he was working at and were very rude to him, so he retaliated by telling them how the movie Titanic ended!

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