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These are Some of the Greatest Inheritances Recorded the World-over

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index has listed the 25 richest families around the globe, and control over 1 trillion dollars of the entire global funds. These families control many different industries, from supermarkets to drug-makers, beverage manufacturers to chocolates. This is huge money and we review a few families with substantial bank accounts to make a list! While we know about Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and the Rothschilds, there are some families you know little about.

Walton – Walmart

Source: Pexels

No story about an incredible inheritance would be complete without including this famous family! Rob Walton inherited billions of dollars after the 1945 passing of Samuel Moore Walton, his father, the American businessman and founder of the retail chain Walmart. Rob controlled the retail chain stores until his passing in 1992. In 2016, when Stuart Walton took over the reins of the Walmart board, a new generation of Waltons took controls. The family fortune is estimated at $190 billion!

Koch – Wood River Oil and Refining Company

Close on the heels of the Waltons and next in line, are the Koch family, with a wealth of $99 billion! The Koch family wealth increased due to their oil refinery firm, passed from one generation to another, beginning in the 1980s, with Fred Koch. The Kochs had an infamous fight about controlling their immense wealth, with David, Charles, William, and Frederick, inheriting the firm. David and Charles co-managed the family company after William and Frederick left Wood River Oil and Refining Company and oversaw the annual profits of around $110 billion! David later left the company due to ill-health, at 78.

Mars – Mars Enterprises

Source: Pexels

Long after his death in 1934, Frank Mars’ hard work continues to rake in huge rewards. Frank left the Mars Enterprises estate to Forrest Mars, his only child. This is the famous Mars Company responsible for the M&Ms and those yummy Mars Bars, besides manufacturing plenty of pet care items. The family is very reclusive and is rarely ever photographed, and has a massive revenue of US $35 billion! This Mars’ have been in business from 1883, and continue holding a major position as one of the biggest palyers in the sweets and pet care industry, with an estimated fortune of $ 89.7 billion.

De Spoelberch, De Mevius, and Van Damme – Anheuser-Busch InBev

When you relax with a bottle of Budweiser, Beck’s, Corona, Stella Artois or Leffe, spare a thought for Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest brewery empire which in 2018, had an impressive $54.6 billion in sales! The Interbrew Empire has roots in Belgium.

Dumas – Hermes

Source: Pexels

Taking fifth place is the grandson of Emile Dumas, named Jean-Louis Dumas, who took over his family company and earned fame for Hermes, till retirement in 2006, but as chairman, he carried Hermes to great heights. Axel Dumas, the CEO has inherited $49.2 billion! By being born into the right family with wealth and riches, beats winning the lottery.  If you are born into a wealthy family, you live a life of luxury often knowing that it will soon be yours.

Being rich is the secret desire of everyone, but the select few lucky enough to have gotten their riches handed over to them merely because of their bloodlines, are truly blessed. Blood is always thicker than water!

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