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Tiffany Haddish’s Enduring Battle for Survival is all the Motivation We Needed

Most fans are so engrossed in the tangled glamorous lives of their favourite celebrities that they forget that some of them faced very tough times before becoming famous. The classic rags-to-riches back story is that of Miss Tiffany Haddish, the 40-year-old actress, whose journey to stardom was rarely smooth or easy. Tiffany was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth like many stars before her. She admits being completely homeless once without enough money to buy food.

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Anyone in her situation would dread what the future held for them. But even in hopeless times, she wasn’t defeated by the odds against her but held on to her faith and conviction in herself, to climb the slippery ladder to fame and glory. The proof of her hard upward journey to success is visible today.


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In April, Tiffany posted a photo of herself on her Instagram while performing as a stand-up comedian. Haddish shed tears of joy as she was reminded about her struggles and troubled past. After looking at the old photo and thinking about her life, the actress was overcome with emotions. Haddish told her fans how she was very hungry, homeless, and scared every night. But despite her many fears, she still clambered up on stage and tried her best to make people laugh. Despite her straitened circumstances, she never lost hope and promised to stay faithful, to herself and to God. Haddish started her career by doing comedy gigs several years ago. Haddish says unwavering courage, hope and faith, enabled her to fulfil her dreams. Haddish is excited about the future and where her journey takes her.


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When Haddish was just 18 when her grandmother threw her out of her home. She lived from day to day, sleeping on her friends’ couches and travelled around with her belongings in plastic bins. Despite admission to New York University, she was forced to enrol in the Santa Monica Community College as she couldn’t pay the high tuition fees. Aside from being a performing artist, Haddish published a memoir entitled ‘The Last Black Unicorn.’ She secured a part-time job during her college days to pay for her bills and to support her education. Her hectic academic life was difficult for her to balance the two roles, temporarily forcing her to give up on comedy acts and focus on her studies.


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Haddish revealed that when actor Kevin Hart realized that she was practically homeless and sleeping in her car, he sat her down and discussed her situation with her, saying that a beautiful girl like her could have any man she wanted. Haddish revealed that Kevin also gave her $300 to stay in lodgings for a week when they were performing together. She admitted that she was unwilling to loosen her morals just so that she could have a place to live in. Hart admired her uncompromising courage and helped her with funds to find a cheap motel to stay in. She then rented a run-down apartment for $550 a month. Now that both are movie stars, Haddish tries to repay Hart, but he refuses to budge. He confesses being proud of what Tiffany could achieve, and to be able to perform alongside her was rewarding for him.

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