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Dating “Rules” You NEED to Avoid at All Costs

We’ve all experienced bad dates that we wish to forget. And it isn’t the other person’s fault. Somehow, when we are younger, we have been guilty of poor dating choices and habits that we fondly hoped would ensure the other person to be more interested in us. But we all grow up and evolve into mature adults, relegating the bad dating habits to our teenage years and learn to approach and handle dates appropriately, and eventually, our relationships. Perhaps we were not yet ready for serious relationships, or maybe we were looking for something very different. But as we grow older, we mature and start looking at things differently only to realize that you wanted something you failed to give any thought to before. Seriously, you don’t expect to secure different or better results from the out-dated techniques that you tried out, long back. If desiring a serious connection to develop into a credible relationship with someone, eschew some lousy dating habits:

Waiting for three days to call the other person

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We have done this before: wait for a few days before contacting the other person as others say, is the “right” thing to do. But is it true? You must stop this dating cliché, and find the courage to throw it in the dustbin. Instead call whenever you wish to and text whenever you want to. But be true to yourself. Never let a great guy or a nice girl pass you by, while you wait three days to ring them up. Never overthink every aspect of dating and just do what you think is right for you. Reveal the real you, else how can the other person know who you really are, if every move follows some dating cliches? Why wait three days to thank someone for a good time?

No last-minute “let’s meet” texts

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If looking for a serious relationship with someone or desiring a meaningful and lasting relationship and not just fooling around, a “let’s meet?” texts at 10 pm, fails to convey that. To be taken seriously, take you seriously you must confirm that you are serious about them and are valuing them beyond booty calls. Make imaginative and creative plans as much as possible.

Wasting time on people who are not that attractive

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We are all guilty about staying too long with someone, we knew instinctively is just not right. Maybe he provides intimate needs, possibly he’s fun to be around, you may be very comfortable around him, perhaps you fear being alone, or wish to avoid looking for someone new  to start all over again. Why waste precious time on someone who really does not deserve you. If you know in the long run, it will not work, aim for a break. You owe that to yourself, by not leading someone down a dead end tunnel.

A Word of Caution

Dating and relationships are not random processes, nor a controlled scientific experiment. Only a foolish person tries formulas that are successful in your quest to find someone. Every relationship is unique, and every person is very different, so make sure when dating someone, your moves aren’t linked to dating habits, which people usually follow. Instead, do what is right and follow your heart.

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