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Interesting Crowdfunding Projects to Support

Successful businesses all begin with an idea. These ideas often come from creative minds who saw better solutions to problems or simply a ‘Eureka’ moment. However, not all who have visions can afford to bring their ideas to life. Crowdfunding has been a helpful platform of some successful funding projects that are now famous worldwide. Individuals get to share their ideas with others through the help of reaching people who are willing to support their projects.

We have gathered some crowdfunding projects which are hugely creative, made for different causes by different creators. Hopefully, you get inspired to support their projects or even start a project on your own. Either way, these will show you that crowdfunding can be for everybody, especially for the good-hearted visionaries out there.

Other Futures

We’ve heard of the many festivals people flock to in different parts of the world. Other Futures is a pioneering festival of its kind. It’s a science fiction festival created by a group of independent writers, curators, producers and coordinators. These individuals based in Amsterdam thought it was time to host a festival for the films, books, art, plays and music, built and crafted by thinkers and artists of Non-Western origins. Other Futures’ perspective of the future is quite different, thus the name. They describe it as humane and boundless. This future can also be described as open to transhumans, spirits, or even aliens.

The Lamp From Waste, Quercus

Quercus: the highly sustainable lamp

Max Ashford originally created Quercus for a student competition on lighting design. Three years later, it developed into a crowdfunding project aimed to introduce highly sustainable light source design from waste products. Quercus has an embodied energy which is very low. It also appeals to the curious the idea that waste, too, can be useful and beautiful. Creators of the crowdfunding project convinces its audience that Quercus has potential to be a useful commodity. It also speaks of sustainable source, being recyclable, and easier disassembly into smaller fragments.

The Pocket-Sized Transformative Drone, Pitta

This project can especially be appealing to filmmakers just starting in the field. Pitta is a pocket-sized camera recorder which can switch between action camera and drone within seconds. With this promising definition, we have drone technology which is actually quite complex, but has been made easier by Pitta’s creators. Filmmakers can then capture experiences remotely, as they happen. Otherwise, they can just simply mount them on a house’s wall serving as a live recording security camera system.

Illustrated Cyberpunk Life, Metropo

Fiction geeks love good comics. This  comic project of collaborations can be the next big thing for these fans. In addition, the comic project aims to bring eight stories of fictional denizens together who all live in the dystopian city of the future, Metropo. Magnus Aspli created series of graphic novels together with visual artists Vivian Truong, Mary Safro, and John Jamtli who are all based in Trondheim, Norway.


Ditch the plastic and use edible straws by Lollistraw

Plastic is obviously a culprit in the deteriorating status of Mother Earth. Lolistraw offers an alternative solution to the plastic commodity. It is world’s first edible straw that bears the purpose of replacing the plastic straw usage worldwide daily. Lolistraw also promises to be hypercompostable, a first of its kind. Loliware holds responsible for the idea and creating of the product. It is crafted from a seaweed-derived material which is free from plastic. Loliware also promises Lollistraw to be completely degradable, and not a GMO.

Traditional Huichol Art for Modern Accessories

Many designers find inspiration from the already existing cultures, like from the Huicholes, who are an ethnic group from Mexico. More specifically, they are in the regions of Nayarit, Durango, Jalisco, and Zacatecas. The Huicholes are also believed to have 500 years of history. “Arte Huichol”, the people’s unique style and art, is undergoing a sort of revival. It comes with contemporary flavor in the likes of instrument and sneaker designs. Accessories are embellished with colorful beads that is reminiscent of the Huichol spirituality. This is a form of support as well for the 120 artists from Mexico who are involved in the project.

Power From Mud, MudWatt

Power your devices from mud through MudWatt

Kids can learn the very basics of experiments by exploring electronics, green energy, engineering and biology through this project. MudWatt is a living battery that empowers youngsters and at the same time encourages curiosity about the renewable sources of energy we can find around us. Kids can link multiple MudWatts together to provide energy and power other devices all thanks to dirt. This is actually pretty awesome!

 The Urban Farming Kit

We always face a challenge that talks about having high-quality products while also supporting local production of food. This paved the way for urban farming in relatively smaller spaces. This group of Canadians found purpose in the rising of the new age. They also found inspiration in farming systems in urban areas that will provide secure and healthy food source and at the same time give farmer-entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need. The group provides nursery growers and greenhouse operators. In addition, they also provide home gardeners with the necessary information and equipment to make a start in the healthy urban farm movement.

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