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Break IKEA Rules and Try These Usual and Creative Furniture Hacks

Let’s be honest; we all love furniture items from IKEA be it the incredible day out traversing IKEA walkways, to ridiculously cheap items, from  quirky styles and delicious meatballs (as rounding off a Swedish shop trip with Swedish meatballs is the right thing to do. You are right about IKEA being possibly the best in the world. Despite very practical products, numerous IKEA hacks turn basic items into creative, quirky additions for any house.

Bed frame rack

Creator: Geoff Lung, Geoff Lung

Unless you’ve gone hipster with mattresses lying on pallets which is actually great in a weird way, everyone has a bed base or frame. IKEA sell bed frames with their mattresses and beds to support your mattress and keep the beds sturdy, such as the Sultan Lade which is sold for just $10. But alternate uses exist as the slats attached to the bed frame, ensures an epic wall hanger. Simply lay the frame alongside the wall, secure it using a S-Frame hook and hangers to hang up clothes, baskets, accessories and more. There’s no need to hide all this under a mattress!

Wine rack herb garden

Okay, we admit loving wine and also give away too many bottles of wine, which ensures our having surplus wine rack holders. The IKEA Vurm Wine Racks (costing $10) are put to good use in your kitchen and outdoor cooking. Holes in the wine rack, make it the perfect herb garden. Attach it to your wall after turning it horizontally, and fill with pots of coriander, mint, and basil for an aesthetic herb garden.

Lantern Terrarium

Credit: Flickr

Most people love to fill their homes with plants, trees, and greenery whether real or fake as flowers die within a week. It’s actually a talent. With limited space in urban homes, finding places for plant plots is difficult. How about mixing together ornaments and plants? Buy an IKEA Borrby Lantern for $15 which holds string lights or a large candle. Re-design this lamp into a terrarium for all plants by filling the bottom with soil, sand, gravel, or stones and plant your choice greenery. It’s looks amazing  but remains low-maintenance.

Spice Rack Bookshelf

Credit: Flickr

We all desire more books, but are running out of space in bookshelves, near our bed, atop the kitchen sink, by the bath side and anywhere else in the apartment. Need some space to put them up? The IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack costs $4, making an ideal bookshelf, rather than placing it on the kitchen-wall and dumping spice bottles, fill books instead! Remember to thank us later.

Skeleton Cabinet Doll House

If you have kids, there’s nothing better than making marks on your carpets, clean white walls, and furniture. Most annoying but can be combated by giving them some space to daub whatever colors on anything they wish to. Take some floating boxes from IKEA Skeleton Cabinet Series, mash them together to make a DIY doll house which are white and see-through; the kids can renovate the dollhouse in any which way.

So next time you visit IKEA, buy things that catch your eye and become creative! All you need to do is think if they were turned around a different way what could you use it as, and there you have it – a entirely new piece of furniture!

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