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The Biggest Financial Regrets of Americans in 2021

Financial mistakes are rather common and about 76% of people in the USA own up to one major financial blunder made. Financial mistakes hinder accomplishing financial goals you set for the future.

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If your money matters have gone awry, changes in goals or tactics is essential. If you haven’t revamped your plans yet, you can learn from mistakes of others, and rectify these mistakes. Here are some significant financial regrets of Americans, in recent times.

Taking Too Much Time to Save For Retirement

Delaying too long for retirement savings is easily the biggest mistake that over 27% of Americans make. If Retirement is certain, then planning for it, makes much sense but then, it is surprising that most people continue to delay saving for this eventuality. If you find that you are taking too much time for accumulating retirement funds, you are ready to face a financial mess. You also realise that you must save much more in the later stages of life, to be able to live your retired life comfortably. This avoidable mistake, should kick-start immediate savings. What really matters is not the amount you save, as every small amount matters and makes a major difference. Remember that a quick start, enables faster growth of investments which start multiplying.

Piling on a Credit Card Debt

An estimated 16 % of American citizens admitted to piling on credit card debt as their gravest financial mistake made. You land in huge debts by borrowing more than you can afford, due to high-interest costs. Further the amount needed to accumulate monthly payments cannot be spent on something else. To avoid credit card debt, never exceed what you can pay back within the time available. Preparing a great budget and sticking to it, is something achievable. If neck-deep in credit card debt, debt consolidation is the fastest and safest way to repay. What you need is a payment plan and avoid borrowing in future.

Failing to Build an Emergency Fund

About 19% of Americans had no emergency fund to fall back, in the pandemic situation. This financial regret haunts you for long, especially during emergencies. Most American households are hit by emergent expenses year after year! If short of funds during emergencies, you are forced to borrow from friends and relatives. To avoid financial distress, start by setting aside small amounts regularly for emergencies now. If you feel it is too late to start an emergency fund, sell off all such items not being used regularly,  and ensure money for your emergency fund and what is more, you avoid borrowing. Remember to remain ready to face any financial emergency.

Failing to Save for Education of Children

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Most parents wish to help their kids complete college education and 10% of survey participants confessed that they regretted being unable to save enough for their children’s education. They are compelled to borrow or dip into their retirement security, to pay college fees. This adds to existing financial troubles. A college savings plan must be drawn up after welcoming a child into the family. Start saving for retirement much in advance.  Estimation of all expenses to incurred after quitting your job and building an emergency fund to settle unforeseen expenses. This year should have enough reasons to rejoice.

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