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Celebs who Made a Killing with Their Small Businesses

All celebrities know how to capitalize on their fame, but operating an actual business venture is rather complicated. But celebrities who have created and run small businesses while maintaining their entertainment careers, are rare. These business owners have every entrepreneurial trait in following their passions, staying true to their roots, and keeping track of small details.

Sandra Bullock

The Oscar-winning actress is the owner of 2 businesses that are situated right across each other at her beloved town of Austin in Texas, a posh eatery called Bess Bistro and a florist/bakery/deli named Walton’s Fancy and Staple. Bullock was always involved in most details, from décor to dishes and her family recipes inspire the menu at both shops.

Pharrell Williams

The seven-time Grammy Award-winner has numerous business ventures, including the Brooklyn Machine Works bicycles inspired by his deep love for BMX bikes. Using Pharrell’s design for unique bicycles, Brooklyn Bike Works fashioned the frame and a waterproof buffalo leather skin cover.

Miranda Lambert

The country music star is most energetic at business. She started a wide-ranging boutique in 2012 called The Pink Pistol, at Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The store boosted the entire town’s economy and inspired a second Pink Pistol in her hometown at Lindale, TX. A recent venture is a bed-and-breakfast called The Ladysmith in Tishomingo.

Steve Carrell

The popular comedian in 2009 purchased and restored the Marshfield Hills General Store of 1853 vintage, preserving a local landmark in Massachusetts. He stocks it with both old-fashioned fare and modern needs, like penny candy. His sister-in-law handles the day-to-day operations, but Carrell is often spotted there as a handyman.

Sammy Hagar

The former lead singer of the band Van Halen has a long history as entrepreneur and began real estate investment after earning with his first band. He started his own travel agency when he began touring. In the 1980s, his love of bikes saw him buying a Corte Madera bike store in California. In 1990, he started Cabo Wabo Cantina with several branches and a tequila brand with the same name.

Armie Hammer

The Lone Ranger and Social Network star owns a trendy bakery along with his Elizabeth Chambers, his wife, in her hometown, San Antonio. Since 2012, Bird Bakery is very popular with many recipes from his wife’s grandmother’s kitchen. They’re often follow the theme of the movie/show that Armie is currently in, selling cookies shaped as a Texas Ranger badge prior to The Lone Ranger premier. They’ve expanded and opened another bakery in Denver.

Kevin Smith

Like many entrepreneurs, the Clerks director love for comic books developed a successful small business. With knowledge of comic books and a large fan base, he purchased Comicology, a little comic book store in 1996 and renamed it Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stashwhich soon moved to Red Bank, New Jersey. Smith later developed a reality show Comic Book Kings at the shop, now in its fourth season on AMC.

Lyle Waggoner

This actor envisioned a one-stop shop for motorhomes to be used as dressing rooms on set, in Hollywood and went about setting up shop. Waggoner was with the hit show Wonder Woman from 1975-1979 and purchased a motorhome to lease to the show’s producers. This led to Star Waggons, with 700 custom luxury trailers, from cast trailers to wardrobes, leased to the entertainment industry. Waggoner, now 79, has retired but the business is run by his sons.

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