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Some Hurdles that Could Derail Your Retirement Plans… Beware!

You’ve planned out well for retirement, covered all expenses, and calculated medical fees and emergency funds. You even have some money for yourself and plans for your spare time. Life does throw curveballs sometimes. Some situations or challenges could arise after retirement, which you are not ready to face.  Some common problems you need to prepare for are:

Spouse Death

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When planning retirement, you never factor what happens if your spouse expires. Death has to be coped with, but your plans need reshuffling, if dependent on your spouse for care. If the significant other who usually handling finances dies, the other spouse may not cope up. The financial industry now offers financial products that help and support dependents of the deceased in the family as regards income and even therapy.

Separation or Divorce

While divorce rates among older couples are lower than that for younger couples, separation or divorces is a risk to be faced. As retirement is a major lifestyle change entailing adjustments and challenges, simmering discontent or frustration place strains on a couple living a comfortable life for many decades. Dividing marital assets has a deep impact financial security and reduces the standard of living for those retired. Most retired couples plan retirement by pooling cash flows and incomes, which makes this situation, more risky.

Unforeseen Family Needs

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Most retirees find that their family tends to turn to them for monetary help, including siblings, kids, and grandkids. The family needs significant financial support in events like change in employment, health, or marital status, and needs more money. A son getting a divorced or a sibling suffering from an illness that forces them to quit work, could leave multiple money problems. There are so many examples occurring, the retired may have planned their funds for themselves, but the need to help others they love with their own limited resources, have to be faced now.

Terminal Illness

Major lifestyle changes occur with terminal illnesses, and having medical aid, is not the only consideration. Medical assistance covers costs that eat into retirement savings, but do recognise hidden costs that come when diagnosed with terminal illnesses, whether yours or your retired spouse. You may need caregivers depending on the severity of the disease, and possibly a place of care. The home you live in may not be suitable for the patient with limited mobility or requires more space for wheelchair , or for medical equipment.

Financial Risks

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Inflation and increasing rate of interests rarely seem threatening to those preparing for retirement. When you actually sit down and figure out the costs due to small increases in inflation and interest, has on your financial health that you realize that as time passes, it presents a real problem.  As you will rely on the same income amount for the same lifestyle for a decade or two in the future, this cannot be neglected.


The longer the time spent in retirement, the more difficult it is to be confident about your finances. Understanding risks you face, is essential so that your financial security is not at risk. Even the best retirement plans could be derailed by unforeseen circumstances. You cannot predict the future, but could prepare for what you anticipate! Don’t risk outliving your savings, with plans in place for facing various risks which may spring up, and which have to be fought back!

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