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Ashley Graham Talks About Cellulite & How to Teach Trolls a Lesson on Social Media

Ashley Graham’s gorgeous face and body helped her break through the modeling industry as a plus-size model.  She has graced the covers of the top magazines in the world, including Vogue, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Glamour, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.  But despite her beauty, the model gets attacked on social media, but here’s the thing, she’s not letting cyber-bullies get away with their actions – so if you think you want to go bash Graham online, better think again.

The model has been asked to speak at a conference presented by Mastercard called Create & Cultivate’s New York conference to discuss issues about online abuse and how to deal with so-called ‘trolls’.  Trolling is the word created to describe a person’s actions on the internet that creates discord between people.  A troll intentionally says something debatable or sensitive to provoke others to react. As it turns out, Graham gets a lot of them on her social media accounts.

The Levi’s model sat down with Jaclyn Johnson during the event, and said that one’s size does not really matter as long as you make healthy choices.  Although she’s all about body positivity, the model feels strongly about being healthy and doing activities instead of having a sedentary lifestyle.  Although she did not mention the word, she is obviously referring to self-love and having the mindset that you own your body.  Knowing it’s yours can motivate you to do only things that it will benefit from.

Graham also recalls some troll body-shaming comments she got on her Instagram account.  She says she is an easy target because she wears any clothes she is comfortable with.  One time, the model posted a photo when she was wearing a short dress and a thigh-high sock, an outfit that highlighted her cellulite and other ‘little chug rolls’.  A woman commented at the photo and called out everything that’s showing, including her cellulite, and advised Graham to not wear that kind of outfits.  She makes this a teachable moment instead of lashing out at that woman, so she told her that indeed her cellulite and fat are on display, but she’s hot, nonetheless. Atta girl!

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