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Bartenders Share Their Biggest Secrets to Getting the Best Service Possible

It’s very late and you are drinking a rather colorful cocktail with a tiny umbrella, pouring your problems out to the bartender busy cleaning up sticky residue of shots. The bartender is a friend providing endless alcohol and a sympathetic ear of drunken ramblings. However unless you are a bartender, there are a few secrets that you never get to know:

Bartenders know exactly which drink to order at a bar

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A bartender won’t just waste your money as they know what is worth spending money on. A cocktail like a Manhattan or a Martini where spirits are the main star of the show, get a nicer version of the drink. If the mixers are more aggressive or spicey, such as a Moscow Mule, you can use a cheaper spirit. Tequilas and whiskey are two drinks where the difference between brands is very noticeable, so spend a little more.

Bartenders love making custom orders

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If asking a personalized drink, your bartender feels respected and creative to find something fun to drink and enjoy. They need some info on basic drinks you enjoy and your favorite flavors, before creating your drink. But if the bar is packed, it is not a good time, as there is no time to think about what to make for you, and you get a very rushed Screwdriver from a stressed out bartender.

They know how to avoid hangovers

When working with alcohol, a hangover is avoidable. Facing a drink that made you throw up all morning, while making cocktails for other people is terrible, so bartenders avoid hangovers. To prevent one, drink one glass of water, after two alcoholic drinks. Even using a straw, it will be better for you to dehydrate your body with alcohol. If nursing a hangover, drink more water, have a greasy breakfast with sugary treats. Then rest under a duvet!

Your bartender is not a drinks pouring machine

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You find out some secrets to boost your drinking game and don’t like making mojitos. Less ice doesn’t necessarily mean they will add more alcohol. If you ask for light or less ice, it only means that you are getting more juice or soda in your drink. It never means more alcohol. ‘Light ice’ does not equal more booze. You think you’re playing the system but all you get is extra tonic or cranberry juice to water down the alcohol. If you wish to be served to first all night in an overcrowded bar, then tip your bartender well on the first drink you order. Want a bartender to serve you first all night in a crowded bar? Tip very well on you first drink order and ensure tipping on every drink. In a crowded bar, never order a martini in martini glasses, as ordering drinks in crowded bars, ensures spilling half your drink. Save martini-styled drinks, complicated drinks or blended drinks for a slow night or a dinner event. If you visit a nightclub, keep it simple, pay cash, and know what your entire group wants before the bartender attends to you. When asking for a strong one, bartenders put a few drops of booze in your straw and serve a drink of 90% juice so you don’t get more alcohol. They know exactly how much you’ve had to drink and when to cut off!


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