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Cars That Have the Most Peculiar Seating Arrangements

It’s been over a century since automobiles adorned the roads, and down the years, some really wacky, interesting, and unique, vehicles have been seen. While most vehicles serve specific requirements, some remained way ahead of their time; and there were models which should have been abandoned at the drawing board stage! History is replete with a host of unusual cars, with unique designs while others sport very strange seat arrangements. Irrespective of the car design, the seating arrangements never really changed and have actually remained quite boring and somber. Two seats up-front, three in the back, and that’s it. Possibly some logical reason is involved, but can we not imagine how cars would look, with somewhat different configurations? Luckily, there were numerous attempts to ensure somewhat different and eye-catching car seat arrangements. Without keeping things under wraps any longer, let’s review some crazy car seat combinations that are definitely mind-blowing!

McLaren F1


The McLaren F1, introduced in 1992, made history in many ways, and remains one of the coolest supercars ever made. The car’s best feature was the uncommon but sensible three-seater configuration, with the middle seat being the driver’s. The F1’s central driving position, had passengers sitting on each side of the driver. In the early 90’s, this highly controversial interior design, did actually make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, McLaren F1 never officially sold in the USA due to the seating arrangement, which was considered as rather controversial and abrupt.

Fiat Multipla

Credit: TopGear

For those who may not be familiar, the Fiat Multipla was thought to be the ugliest automobile that was ever manufactured, making it a constant laughing stock of the international automotive world. But it’s odd appearance aside, we have to believe the Multipla was somewhat of a practical car model. There was room aplenty, thanks to its signature boxy shape and it’s low running cost. In fact, for just a couple of hundred pounds, you can still buy this car! The Multipla comes with two seating rows and each can hold around three people with ease. All seats were adjustable and the entire row or even middle seat can be removed, transforming the six-seater family van into a two-seater intimate van, with a lot of space for moving bulky items and or even for camping.

Renault Twizy

The Twizy was one step ahead for the 50cc scooter! This car had two seats, as expected in an ultra-small car, but unlike other counterparts, the Twizy seats were positioned as in a fighter jet with the driving seat in front and passenger seat behind! It lacked space in the back and was too dark to be comfortable, but remained a great alternative to walking and carrying 2 people over short distances.  To save on costs, the Twizy seats were positioned like those in a two-seater fighter jet which remained somewhat cramped.

Nissan BladeGlider

Credit: Top Gear

The Nissan BladeGlider had only three seats, with the central driver’s seat flanked on each side and slightly behind. Each occupant enjoyed seats coated in a grippy material, with four-point harness, to retain everyone in place. Fancy Nissan was said to be building a production version as an “anti-mainstream electric sports car” which actually came to nothing. A real Shame!

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