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Close Royal Aids Spill Major Food Secrets from the British Royal Kitchens – Part I

Royals are just like us, need to eat like everyone else, with most eating habits being normal and they even try out recipes from famous celebrity chefs. Duchess Meghan made celeb chef Ina Garten’s famous roast chicken recipe, in 2017, the night she got engaged to Prince Harry, which popularized the tasty dish now dubbed “engagement chicken.”

Duchess Kate whips up meals at home for her family, which includes husband Prince William and their three children. The future Queen loves to make pizzas for her family and prefers bacon topped pies. Princess Charlotte has distinct preferences as she revealed her daughter’s love for olives.

Duchess Meghan, Princes William and Harry Love Roast Chicken

Creator: Max Mumby/Indigo | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2018 Max Mumby/Indigo

Meghan Markle’s love for a good roast chicken is well-known, but Prince William and Prince Harry both love roasted chicken with roast potatoes, that you can really sink your teeth into and all that fat just oozes out, which is not healthy but tastes great!

The Queen Eats Hamburgers with a Knife and Fork

While Queen Elizabeth II abhors pizza, she eats hamburgers with a knife and fork. Her Majesty’s traditional upbringing dictates that you only pick up afternoon tea with your fingers and when burgers are served without a bun, they are always eaten with a fork and knife.

Princess Diana was an Awful Cook

Creator: Princess Diana Archive | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2006 Getty Images

The late princess would often visit to the kitchens to chat, but she was known to be an awful cook. She attempted making pasta, forgot about it, the pot started overflowing, extinguished the burner and caused the kitchen to smell like gas and called the palace’s fire brigade in a panic.

The Queen Doesn’t Enter the Kitchen

The Buckingham Palace kitchens are far away from the queen’s personal quarters and she is so busy that the kitchen staff rarely gets to sees her. At Sandringham estate, the dining room is next to the kitchen, making it easier for the Queen to pop in to the kitchen, but rarely.

The Queen Prefers Steak Well Done

Queen Elizabeth II is just not a fan of her meat cooked rare and likes her meat well done while chefs cook medium-rare all the time.

The Queen Detests Garlic while Prince Philip Enjoyed it

Creator: Tim Graham, Tim Graham | Credit: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

The Queen detests garlic and royals are encouraged to avoid pungent food, however, her late husband had a fondness for it and the cooks used to put in a little bit of garlic for Prince Philip, when he was alive.

Even Prince William Uses the Uber Eats App

Prince William uses food delivery apps when he prefers something tasty. In July 2020, curry meals from a local London restaurant, were delivered to Kensington Palace through Uber Eats for the “That Peter Crouch Podcast.” The prince loves spicy food but avoids it. Duchess Kate and daughter Princess Charlotte prefer spicy curry.

Duchess Kate’s ‘Favorite’ Dessert

Sticky toffee pudding, a British classic, is one of her “favorites”. The royal version uses dates instead of apricots for a rich flavor, topped with a sauce containing molasses-like Muscovado sugar. The Queen also loved sticky toffee pudding

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Love Vegetables

Creator: Max Mumby/Indigo | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2019 Max Mumby/Indigo

Duchess Kate proudly grows their own vegetables-carrots, beans, and beetroot; Louis absolutely loves beetroot.” Princess Charlotte prefers Charlotte potatoes. Duchess Kate Feeds Her Kids a simple breakfast every morning. She believes in starting the day with a healthy meal, basically apples and cereal for breakfast.

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