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Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington’s Cute Friendship is the Stuff of Legends

It’s not uncommon for fans to create fictional relationships between their favorite stars, especially those who appear in their favorite film or TV show. Fan fiction, this phenomena is called.  This has happened with two of the most popular Game of Thrones stars Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington.  But to the disappointment of their fans, there was no romance between the two.  But, they will be glad to know that they two have forged a lifelong friendship.

Even though their characters in the famous TV show did not meet until the second to last season of the show, Clarke and Harrington developed a friendship as they would meet very often at table reads, press tours, Comic Con, or when just hanging out whenever they were not filming the show.  The two can’t help but laugh at these insinuations that there was something going on between them!

Harrington fondly remembers the first time he saw and met Clarke.  The cast was staying at a hotel during a shooting schedule, where Harrington and co-star Richard Madden (who played Rob Stark in the show) were talking and the latter mentioned that he had met the actress playing Daenerys, and said that she was gorgeous. That’s when Clarke came over to say hello, and all that Harrington could say was “Wow!”

That day was a start of a long friendship between the two, the actor described his new friend as being giving and sweet, and once even called her ‘innocent,’ but it was far from the truth.  Harrington revealed that the actress, who looks so pure, especially when she’s wearing her Daenerys wig, actually has a dirty mind.  That is why their get-togethers are always full of laughter.

On Clarke’s end, she calls Harrington her counterpart in so many ways.  They are the same age, both of them and their characters on the show had the same journey, they both went to drama school, and GoT was their first big break.  So Clarke sees themselves as fire and ice, just like in the show.  Aside from them being close friends, Clarke is also best friends with Harrington’s wife, Rose Leslie, who was also a cast member on the show in the past seasons.

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