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Jennifer Aniston’s Intermittent Fasting Method has Every One Talking about This New Diet

Intermittent fasting is the big thing in health and wellness circles today; while any diet with the word “fasting” tends to scare us away, this one is different. There’s a reason for the popularity of this method among celebrities and we can observe how incredibly well it works for them! The latest celeb to reveal her diet secrets is Jennifer Aniston, while promoting The Morning Show with co-star Reese Witherspoon.

Dieting seems somehow more attainable for celebs in general, but there is a remedy and that is Noom!  She admitted doing intermittent fasting, without food in the morning, and notice that going without solid food for 16 hours was impactful. How did she manage in the mornings? With coffee and celery juice, of course! Aniston joins other celebs including Halle Berry, Kate Walsh, Kourtney Kardashian, Brooke Burke and Hugh Jackman who achieved amazing results from intermittent fasting!

How Noom achieves Weight Loss

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The Noom diet is a personalized weight loss plan available through the phone app. The app helps people reach their personal weight goals, provides its users personalized diet plans and access to a professional health coach. People use the app to note down their diet, exercise habits and weight loss results on Noom’s social platform. Can Noom help achieve our weight loss and wellness goals? This app-driven and tailored diet program helps with life-style solutions that fits just now, and over long term, too. Their Specialist provides individual guidance to find the intermittent fasting method best fitting our lifestyle and schedule. If the schedule changes, a trained expert helps plan our next move! Noom advises what food to eat to ensure that fasting hours create no bad moods, stomach rumbles, or fatigue. If strategic about intermittent fasting, we actually see fantastic results. We feel happier and upbeat, while losing recurring stomach aches and enhancing our metabolism rate!

Aniston’s 16/8 Method

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Noom is a weight loss app. providing access to a health coach and a personalized weight loss plan. These tools, with an accurate food calorie counter, assists people achieve their weight goals. Research suggests that Noom is an effective aid to weight loss. However, researchers are yet to compare Noom with other fitness apps and methods. Those with previous health conditions must take extra care if using Noom or similar apps. They need the advice of a dietician and medical doctor to ensure safe weight loss. To try out Aniston’s 16/8 method, consume all calories for the day within an eight-hour period, and fast for 16 hours or consume liquids during those 16 hours, like Aniston.  You can vary hours to find which method works best. Intermittent fasting may lead to your dream body, happier moods, a healthy immune system and smooth digestion. Give it a try, when switching to a long-term health plan; Noom could make the transition as easy as pie! With a great pie recipe!

Is Noom effective?

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Apps like Noom encourage people to themselves monitor weight loss regularly. A 2017 study found that recording one’s dietary habits, experience long-term and consistent weight loss. Weight loss which is self-monitored is a practice that decreases over time usually. To prevent this, Noom motivates people to continue self-monitoring and discuss successes with other users.

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