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Khloe Kardashian Slams People Accusing Her of ‘Photoshopping’ Her Photos

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t like any negativity on her Instagram page and asks for only good vibes to be shared, as she addresses people who accused her of ‘photoshopping’ some of the photos she shared on social media.

The reality star slams her haters the most gentle way by sending some ‘love’ to them after they come at her for a photo she recently posted.  The youngest Kardashian sister has admitted in the past that Photoshop was used to edit some of her photos, but not on the ones she recently posted, so she tells her haters that they were “really reaching” with their accusations.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star captioned a photo on Instagram with the words “good vibes only”, but that doesn’t stop her detractors from going at that photo either.  One of them wrote as comment that her eyes looked too pulled back at the photo, obviously implying that Kardashian also edited that photo.  The star tells her fan to just continue to believe what they want to believe, she’s okay with it.

Another troll mentioned the fact that Khloe has a mole on her face, but for some reason, it disappears in her photos. That person continues by saying 90% of the reality star’s photos are edited, and accuses Kardashian of thinking that her followers are dummies.  Well, we know what the explanation for that is and it’s not Photoshop.  Kardashian explained our thoughts when she told that person that her mole disappears because of all the foundation she puts on her face, then added that she hoped that person is smiling and having a beautiful day.  It is indeed a known fact that high-end makeup foundations have the power to cover up blemishes, moles, scars, and even tattoos.

Nonetheless, most of the comments on Kardashian’s Instagram posts are positive, with followers calling her ‘beautiful’.  This is not the first time the KUWTK star has been accused of using Photoshop, there are many instances in the past, but one of the most recent is her photo of an extra thumb that seems to have grown on her hand!

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