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Queen Elizabeth – 92 Years of Living a Luxurious Life

There are many other monarchs in the world, but the most popular would really have to be Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.  She was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the queen’s real birthday is 21st April, 1926, so she celebrated her 92nd birthday this 2018.  If you are wondering why there was a Trouping the Colour parade in June to celebrate her birthday when it took place in April, it’s because British monarchs have a tradition of celebrating their birthdays twice a year.

An idea of King George II, the tradition was thought of so that there will be a second celebration during the summer months when the weather is good, perhaps so they can share the event with the public as well.  How nice to celebrate your birthday twice a year, right?  Especially if you have the money and the means to do it.  In the queen’s case, it’s one of the many perks and luxuries she has experienced ever since being born to the most popular royal family in the world.

Here are the other life luxuries that the British monarch is currently enjoying right now.

Her Personal Net Worth is Huge

When we mention personal net worth, we are referring to the fortune that the queen inherited from her father, King George VI.  Reports claim that Queen Elizabeth’s inherited wealth stands at an approximate amount of $420 Million.  Included in that estimate are the homes she personally owns, Sandringham House worth $65 million and Balmoral Castle that is worth $140 million.


The Crown Estate

As the reigning monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth is the owner of several properties, managed in trust by what is called the Crown Estate. Now a private company, the Crown Estate gives to the queen, 15% shares of its annual profits through the treasury.  Technically what said trust owns is the property of the reigning monarch.  Included in the trust and handled by the Crown Estate are the whole of Regent Street, the Crown Jewels, buildings situated in St. James, the UK seabed and its entirety, portion of the UK’s water’s edge, and a large collection of high priced art works.  The total amount of all that the Crown Estate owns has an approximate value of $16 billion.  And from rents, products, and other income-generating bits and pieces – 15% of all money that comes in annually, goes to Queen Elizabeth.  The value is said to reach $54.5 million – that is the yearly estimated income the queen gets from the trust.  The homes of the queen that the Crown Estate own, are several – Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England, and Buckingham Palace in London, England

Income from the Duchy of Lancaster

Income of the queen does not come from one source alone, there is also the Duchy of Lancaster.  According to reports, the said source generated around $20 million from the period of 2016-2017.  The Duchy of Lancaster handles 45,549 acres of the queen’s properties in central London, the north of England, and the Midlands.  The properties are technically privately owned by the queen; however she is not allowed to put them up for sale.  Situated in the lands under the Duchy of Lancaster is the famous hotel in London, the Savoy.

The Queen’s Jewelries

Queen Elizabeth owns an extravagant collection of jewelry that the public may have glimpsed at throughout her reign and appearances in public.  Her prized jewelry is said to be kept in an air raid shelter beneath her current headquarters, Buckingham Palace.  Can we expect any less from a monarchy that’s more than a thousand years old?  As the reigning monarch, it’s not surprising that the queen currently owns all the jewelry owned by past rulers of every generation.  Who can ever forget the diamond necklace on her neck and the imperial state crown on her head during her coronation day in 1967?  Other famous pieces are the Grand Duchess of Vladimir Tiara, the Japanese pearl choker, the Crown Amethyst Suite of Jewels or the Kent Amethysts, the Cambridge and Delhi Durbar Parure, the Queen Mary’s Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, the State Diadem the Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond set, and many more.  She sometimes lends her jewelry collections to other members of the family, such as the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex.

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