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This is the Reason Why JLo is Not Planning Her Wedding Just Yet

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were engaged in March, but the pressure is on the singer-actress to set a date for the big day. But JLo revealed that there is no rush to plan her wedding to het sportsman fiancé A-Rod. The couple revealed on Instagram that they took the next natural step in their relationship and after dating for two years, they finally got engaged on March 9. Lopez says that the special moment happened during the couple’s tropical vacation. But as far as the date is concerned, she is very busy being J.Lo.

Given all their work commitments, the couple immediately got back to work afterward, and will continue working for the rest of the year, as their work calendar is full!  Lopez said that she wasn’t really sure when it would happen as they had yet to decide if they were going to squeeze it in somewhere or were going to wait for some time till their schedule opens up. She really did not know yet and said that was not lying right then!

So what’s all this work that is preventing the love birds from tying the knot as soon as possible? JLo shares on a radio show that she has a lot going on right now, with an upcoming musical tour, celebrating her 50th birthday and filming the movie Hustlers, where she plays a revenge-seeking stripper banding together with her coworkers to extract thousands of dollars out of their Wall Street clients. That sounds epic! Then there’s the whole World of Dance show, where she’s not only a judge but also an executive producer, and besides that she has a million other projects going on.

Though she has no time for an elaborate wedding plan, she manages to make time for their blended family. When her summer-tour starts, she plans to bring the family along and the kids would probably be with her the whole time. As Alex had Sunday Night Baseball, he was definitely attending the opening and closing nights. It’s the in-betweens that they need to figure out. So should be expect them to elope? We just need to wait and watch…

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