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Road-tripping During the Pandemic Is Totally Safe If You Follow This Checklist

After two months of lockdown and trapped at home, we have now degenerated into hanging between dead and alive. But as restrictions are being gradually eased out after spring, a glorious summer with its moods of sun and shower, paints life bright and colourful. That great itch to leave home behind, remains strong. A little distance always enables a more stable relationship, especially that between you and your home.  But, with COVID-19 lurking around every corner, travel is complicated. The safest bet would be to jump into your car and travel the roads less toured.  Before you crank the engine, some tips to stay safe and enjoy the trip:

Plan Your Route after checking out all routes

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A care-free road trip certainly doesn’t appeal now. Travel today, must be carefully planned. Before hitting the roads, read maps and fix your travel-path. Check routes with best pit-stop options, and gather information on different zones to be crossed. Some states have specific travel advisories or restrictions, while others are only cordoned off.  Road trips during COVID-19, needs thorough planning and extreme caution to enjoy a safe, tension-free journey.

Planning Pit Stops

Planning pit stops while charting your route, ensures a safe road trip. Identify your stops for fuel, food, rest and stay before departure. Travel apps like Google Maps or AroundMe provide information about nearby spots possibly practicing safety measures. These apps have an exhaustive user feedback about petrol pumps, eateries, hotels and pharmacies.

Thoroughly Sanitizing Your Car

A road trip can seal your team off from COVID pathogens and fellow travellers, but if the car isn’t sanitised well, it evolves into a hotbed of germs. Service your car before travelling to ensure that the HVAC systems are optimally functioning. Rubdown car door handles and seat covers with alcohol-based sanitisers. If sharing driving responsibilities with team-members sanitise stereo system and display screens, steering wheel and gear shaft. Wash floor mats frequently to avoid dirt from shoes remaining locked in with you!

Staying Clean 

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Remember to pay attention to hygiene. If planning overnight stays, choose remote homestays or rentals. If preferring hotels or Airbnbs, choose those with enhanced safety standards, and call ahead to confirm reservations. Insist on contactless check-ins, and if staying for overnight, avoid housekeeping services. Use only sanitised supplies for ‘high-touch’ surfaces like chairs or handles, faucets and buttons.

Travel with Quarantine Partners

Enjoy the outdoors from the safety of your car as a road trip meets the social distancing trip requirements during the pandemic. Choosing your travel buddies is important to ensure minimum contacts with different sets of people. While buddies may look healthy, they could be asymptomatic carriers of the COVID virus, and your car could become a running virus-mobile! Stick to people you are quarantining with and maintain a healthy physical distance.

Pack all Essentials

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After matters relating to your car, travel mates, and route are sorted, your supplies must be planned. Disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, masks, sanitisers, and bags for disposing used supplies, is essential baggage. As you use public eateries and restrooms, always pack toilet seat sprays/wipes. Carry adequate food and water, to reduce your stops. Pack food in individual portions and avoid sharing. Avoid all crumbly foods to keep car interiors clean.

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