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Super-Rich People Spend Money In Ways That Us Plebs Cannot Comprehend – I

We know the Lannisters pay their debts and Uncle Scrooge enjoys diving into his ocean of money. But how do super- rich people spend their money? Here’s how rich people spend their money, something that regular folks like you and us can never ever imagine. Do not be surprised if you feel a tinge of jealousy here.

Registries with names along most luxurious items without possessing the product

Creator: Simon Dawson | Credit: Bloomberg | Copyright: © 2017 Bloomberg Finance LP

Rich people do everything in style as your name is on expensive, rare luxury items, courtesy the registries. When the super-rich pre-order a rare car, they contact DuPont Registry. Or a super-rich person buying a rare diamond from another seller, has a similar registry facilitating transactions. The new owner rarely displays the diamond and stores it in a secure vault, the same as before, with the registry reflecting the new owner’s name!

Buy an AAirpass for $250,000 and avail unlimited first class tickets on AA for your entire life

In 1981, $250,000 plus $150,000 for a partner enabled you to fly only first class, on any flight from American Airlines for your entire life, but this price rose to $3 million in 2004, when they discontinued the unlimited deal, for new members. Over the years, 66 people had signed up. The rich visit luxury e-commerce sites like, where you splurge on yachts, jets, and real estate.

Black Russian cigarettes that have golden filters

If you’re an economically endowed person who smokes and enjoy bragging about your wealth, what you smoke matters. With trade embargoes against Cuba for years, you can’t flaunt that illegally stashed of Cuban cigars. You flaunt cigarettes like Sobranie, the most famous luxury tobacco with filters made of gold foil. Here is a list of other expensive cigarettes.

Luxury Watch Clubs

Creator: Olga Yakovleva | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Some wealthy people are wealthy because they take risks and make clever decisions, like not investing in things with depreciating value, but leasing/renting them. For fancy watches, they rent them from sites like You impress the world with your bling, without paying much money.

Private Jet timeshares

The super-rich have a special fondness for their private jets. But owing one and using it once or twice a month is wasteful, so you lease, rent, or co-own these bad boys with websites like NetJets enabling you to do that.

Employing secretaries with their own secretaries

Planning to get in touch with Bill Gates? You need to touch base with his secretary first. But if the secretary has a secretary?  It’s not easy!

Buying companies like Berkshire Hathaway

The Berkshire Hathaway company comprises of many companies, headed by CEO Warren Buffett. To buy shares of this business you are wealthy or have time-traveling capabilities, as one share costs $1,97,500.

Supremely expensive phones valued beyond functionality and design

Credit: Flickr

Lesser mortals buy a new phone for functionality and design, but if you possess the latest ones, possibly a gold-plated Vertu phone or Apple iPhone a with customized ringtones, with special editions of famous tracks performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, could interest you.

Kidnap Insurance with a rescue team included

Being super-rich ensures that kidnapping rings keep watch. Wealthy people buy something called kidnap insurance when travelling to risky places. If you happen to get kidnapped, your insurance may not pay for your ransom, and could send a real-life SWAT- like rescue team instead.


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